[Fujoshi Friday] Top 10 BL Manga Couples

BL simply stands for Boys Love and is a genre that usually caters to female audiences. This type of genre features the romantic relationship between men or boys with one of the parties being the seme (top) and the other being the uke (bottom). It can be presented in a sexual or non-sexual way depending on its sub-genre which are Yaoi and Shounen-ai. There’s also Bara, which caters to male audiences, but for now, we will focus on Yaoi and Shounen-ai couples for this list. Make sure to prepare your heart as the following couples will make you melt in no time because of their endearing relationships and their exciting love stories. Hopefully, you can see at least one or two of your favorite BL couples on this list. Now let’s start!

10. Jian Yi & Zhan Zheng Xi from 19 Days

  • Mangaka: Old Xian
  • Genre: Comedy, Shounen Ai, Slice of Life
  • Seasons: 1+
  • Published Date: Nov. 2014 - Present

19 Days is a spectacular manhua that will surely bring you tons of laughter. The story revolves around Jian Yi and his “bromance” relationship with Zheng Xi. Ever since their childhood days, these two boys have been together and have been inseparable. The manhua mainly focuses on their colorful day to day lives as well as their funny and adorable interactions and their ever-growing relationship. Although they are not an official couple yet, one cannot deny the chemistry between these two handsome young boys.

Jian Yi is your typical happy-go-lucky person who likes to flirt with his best friend, though his affections are often returned to him by getting kicked or being punched. He tends to act childishly, which irritates Zheng Xi to no end, but he does know his limits as he values his close relationship with Zheng Xi a lot. Jian Yi also grew up with a troubled past and although Zheng Xi doesn’t know the full story behind it, he is always beside his best bud to protect and to look after him.

Zheng Xi is also very gentle with Jian Yi, proven when he learns his friend’s true feelings towards him. He didn’t outright reject Jian Yi nor did he feel disgusted towards him, instead, he gently listened and even comforted his friend who appeared to be nervous and confused at that. As of now, their bond continues to get stronger and with every new chapter, they become closer than before. Zheng Xi may only see Jian Yi as a very close friend for now, but he sometimes slips and acts very sweetly towards Jian Yi. It might be far ahead in the future, but there will surely be a time that Zheng Xi will eventually give in to Jian Yi’s unending persistence.

9. Yuiji Hasegawa & Yamato Yoshinaga from Koimonogatari (Love Stories)

  • Mangaka: Tagura, Tohru
  • Genre: Drama, School Life, Shounen Ai, Slice of Life
  • Volumes: 1+
  • Published Date: May 2013 - Present

Yuiji Hasegawa notices that Yamato Yoshinaga is gay. He doesn’t seem at ease with the prospect of a guy falling for his best friend, however, he learns that Yoshinaga is a good guy and decides to support him as his new friend. As he watches the struggles of Yoshinaga, he begins to wish for his happiness.

Much like our last selection, Hasegawa and Yoshinaga are not yet an official couple as of the current chapters. If you enjoy reading slow paced BL manga then Koimonogatari is for you. Unlike the other listed manga here, Koimonogatari focuses on one’s sexuality and self-acceptance. Most of the time, readers will see Yoshinaga’s inner struggles as he faces the troubles of homosexuality. Hasegawa merely acts as an observer who begins to realize that Yoshinaga is no different and understands that what Yoshinaga is going through is not easy. As time goes by, the two seem to be getting closer together, although as of now, their relationship is purely platonic. Tagura did say that the story will flow very slowly, so let’s hope for the best as Hasegawa and Yoshinaga do seem perfect for each other.

8. Kouhei Sugihara & Taichi Sagawara from Hidamari ga Kikoeru (I Hear the Sunspot)

  • Mangaka: Fumino, Yuki
  • Genre: School Life, Shounen Ai, Slice of Life
  • Volumes: 3+
  • Published Date: Dec. 3013 - Present

While job hunting, Taichi Sagawara unexpectedly meets Kouhei Sugihara who shares his bento box with the hungry man. Kouhei offers his help by hiring Taichi as the one who will take down notes for him as he sufferers from a hearing disability. Taichi immediately accepts and learns more about Kouhei’s troubles and insecurities.

This is another slow manga that will you definitely enjoy. Although Hidamari ga Kikoeru is the love story of Kouhei and Taichi, it concentrates more around disabilities. Taichi is an active person who has this bright personality and is often times clumsy. While Kouhei is the complete opposite of Taichi, but quite well-known because of his good looks. They become closer to each other because of Kouhei’s disability. Ever since he acquired his hearing disability, he felt that no one could understand him, thus the reason he is often left out of so many things. However, here comes Taichi who somewhat recognizes his hardships. Along the way, he eventually falls in love with Taichi.

But Taichi, being the dense person that he is, unsuspectingly hurts Kouhei during their interactions. It takes time for them to fully realize what they feel for each other. But once Tachi can clearly hear the words that Kouhei is trying to tell him, we tell you that it’s the most memorable and sweetest moment! Kouhei's disability did not only bring changes for himself, it also affected Kouhei’s decision for his future.

7. Motochika Narasaki & Natsuki Terashima from Blue Sky Complex

  • Mangaka: Ichikawa, Kei
  • Genre: School Life, Shounen Ai, Yaoi, Slice of Life
  • Volumes: 3
  • Published Date: Sept. 2013 - ???

Motochika Narasaki wants nothing more than to have some peaceful and quiet environment where he can relax and read his book. Much to his chagrin, he is forced by his teacher to work as the library’s receptionist where he meets the delinquent, Natsuki Terashima. Narasaki begins to get interested in Terashima but when he thinks that he somewhat understands the delinquent, he is suddenly kissed by Terashima. What does he mean by that kiss? Was it on a whim or something else?

Blue Sky Complex is almost the same as Koimonogatari. It starts quite slow and talks about the difficulties of homosexuality to a much lower degree. It depicts the romance between them quite well as they start from being strangers to friends, until they become lovers. Everything that happens here flows smoothly. Even though it’s cute how Narasaki steals a kiss from his crush, nothing in this manga seems forceful. Terashima also takes his time to truly understand Narasaki and see what he feels for the guy. Of course, their story doesn’t just end once they get together. The manga also shows how their new relationship as lovers will develop. The sexual tension between them will surely make you feel frustrated but at the same time, it will make your heart beat faster than ever before.

6. Fujiyoshi Masaki & Fujiyoshi Hiromu from Tadaima Okaeri

  • Mangaka: Ichikawa, Ichi
  • Genre: Yaoi, Slice of Lice
  • Volumes: 2
  • Published Date: Nov. 2015 - ???

Currently, omegaverse has been quite popular in the BL community because of its unique elements. Simply put, omegaverse has this aspect where each person has “second genders” which can be categorized as Alpha, Beta, and Omega. In this universe, Alphas are considered at the top of the pyramid and can 100% impregnate an Omega. Betas are considered the average people while Omegas are on the bottom of the pyramid because of their heat. Overall, instinct is what usually controls every person here. There are also rare instances where an Alpha and Omega can have a “soul bond”. This happened between the Omega Masaki and the Alpha Hiromu. Their union results in Hikari being born. Tadaima Okaeri tells the lively family life of the Fujiyoshis.

Most ABO universe stories are often dark because a lot of bad things can happen in just a second, especially, when an Omega goes into heat in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you think that this is that type of manga, then you’re utterly wrong. Tadaima Okaeri is full of fluff and adorableness. It doesn’t focus on Masaki and Hiromu’s lovey-dovey relationship, but it focuses more on their son, Hikari, and how he makes everyone around him smile with joy. For Masaki and Hiromu, Hikari is the one who gives them the strength to face the unknown future and their painful past. It is extremely nice to see the happy life of this family.

Despite the fact that Hikari usually takes the spotlight in this manga, we assure you that there are also a lot of charming moments between Masaki and Hiromu. Before getting married, both of them were kinda detached with their everyday life. But once they found each other and had Hikari, both knew what was more important to them and what real happiness is; especially on Masaki’s part. They are very sweet towards each other and it’s very heartwarming to see how these two support and understand each other. The story is simple overall, but every page of this manga is definitely oozing with cuteness that will make you want to read more of their silly family adventures.

5. Seryou Touji & Shino Yuzuru from Seven Days

  • Mangaka: Takarai, Rihito (Art) & Tachibana, Venio (Story)
  • Genre: Romance, School Life, Shounen-ai, Slice of Life
  • Volumes: 2
  • Published Date: Sep. 2007 - Jun. 2009

For the people who’d like to get a chance at dating the popular and handsome Seryou Touji, they make sure to be the first one to confess on Mondays. Whoever gets to be the lucky person is only given seven days to date him until he breaks up with them. After hearing the rumors, Shino Yuzuru playfully confesses to Seryou, which the boy took seriously.

The moment Seryou and Shino begin their pretend relationship, things begin to get exciting. Seryou slowly moves on with his past and starts to see Shino properly as his partner. Meanwhile, Shino learns and discovers a lot of interesting things about Seryou. With each passing day, they get to learn a lot more with each other, and in the process, they unknowingly fall for one another. Both protagonists begin to feel dread as their special week draws to a close, which makes the atmosphere around the manga more thrilling. Seven Days is filled with tender moments between Seryou and Shino. The process of how their relationship began to bloom beautifully makes them a very unforgettable couple!

4. Satoshi Onoe & Motoharu Kaburagi from Ameiro Paradox

  • Mangaka: Natsume, Isaku
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 3+
  • Published Date: Dec. 2009 - Present

Ameiro Paradox starts with Satoshi Onoe, a reporter, getting partnered with a photographer named Motoharu Kaburagi. Onoe always viewed Kaburagi as his rival and their partnership doesn’t help at all because they have different work ethics towards their job. Since it’s his job, he must rely on Kaburagi from now on for help and assistance, but wait... why is his heart beating fast?!

If you like your uke tsundere x seme bully then you will absolutely love the relationship between Onoe and Kaburagi. From the very beginning, these two men have this love-hate relationship, probably because of Onoe’s rivalry with Kaburagi. As they get partnered with each other, they get into a hilarious relationship. Onoe still acts tsundere around Kaburagi but he eventually falls in love with his partner and even gets jealous when a woman is near his man. Kaburagi, on the other hand, enjoys teasing Onoe. He doesn’t show his true self when he is with other people, as that is one requirement for his work, but when it comes to his lover, he is very open with himself because he values Onoe’s feelings towards him. There is a lot of fighting between Onoe and Kaburagi but it eventually turns sweet all of a sudden because our tsundere character goes all gooey once Kaburagi shows his charm!

3. Hideyuki Maya & Takashi Nemugasa from Hidoku Shinaide (Don’t be Cruel)

  • Mangaka: Nekota, Yonezou
  • Genre: Comedy, School Life, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 7+
  • Published Date: Jan. 2007 - Present

Being pressured to make his grades higher, Takashi Nemugasa decides to cheat during a test. However, Hideyuki Maya sees Nemu’s cheating and decides to blackmail him. Nemu listens to Maya’s request until he finally snaps and decides to stop their weird rendezvous. How long can Maya make Nemu stay beside him? What does he need to do to make Nemu look his way?

Just like our last selection, we have another bully seme, but a gentler one as the story progresses. Let’s be honest, Maya and Nemu didn’t have a great start because of Maya’s jerkass attitude before. But once readers give this guy a chance, you see how much Nemu changes Maya for the better. Yes, Maya changed a lot from chapter until its current chapter. He occasionally teases Nemu, but he knows his limits and respects Nemu’s space. He even apologized to Nemu for what he did before. As for Nemu, he begins to show his cute side brought out by his lover. He becomes more expressive and even begins to be more confident with himself. Their relationship continues to grow as they continue to act more maturely. It’s everything you want in a manga, sweet moments, smexy times and more!

2. Yashiro & Chikara Doumeki from Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai (Twittering Birds Never Fly)

  • Mangaka: Yoneda, Kou
  • Genre: Drama, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 4+
  • Published Date: Mar. 2008 - Present

Yashiro is a yakuza leader who likes to present himself as dirty in the eyes of other people. He is very kinky and has his own sadomasochistic tendencies. Along with this, he does not want to get attached to anyone because of an unrequited love. Despite this, he feels attracted to his new bodyguard/caretaker, Chikari Doumeki. But there’s a catch, Doumeki is impotent.

This pairing is our darkest couple in this list. Their relationship is simply complex and is quite hard to decipher if you if don’t read between the lines. Many people who know Yashiro look at him as someone who is an unbreakable man and has this fearless aura around him. But in truth, Yashiro is a broken man who is indifferent to the prospect of love. Everything changes, though, when he meets his new bodyguard/caretaker, Doumeki. As they spend their time together, Yashiro’s walls begin to break and he falls in love with Doumeki. Meanwhile, Doumeki is very loyal and caring towards Yashiro. He doesn’t yield to his boss’ outrageous requests and listens to his commands without opposition. Honestly, their love story isn’t pretty and sweet but it does give you the feeling of angst. There are still moments that will leave you in awe, as their other emotional interactions are indeed beautiful and heart-wrenching.

1. Aki Gotouda & Tomoharu Ueda from Honto Yajuu

  • Mangaka: Yamamoto Kotetsu
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 10+
  • Published Date: Jul. 2008 - Present

Tomoharu Ueda works as a cop in a local station. His quiet days are forever changed, however, when he meets a dark-haired man, Aki Gotouda, chasing an underwear thief. After that incident, he starts dating Aki and thinks that all is well and perfect. Until he learns the fact that Aki is yakuza and dating the guy isn’t easy because of his lover’s background. What will Tomoharu do to keep their relationship?

We have another yakuza story, but this time it is more light-hearted and filled with adorable moments! Aki and Tomoharu are complete opposites of each other, starting from their attitude, their looks, and their profession. Although Aki is yakuza, he is actually a sweet little guy with a big heart. He sometimes has problems with his temper but that’s where Tomoharu comes in. Tomoharu brings out the cute side of Aki. He loves Aki so much that he accepts the yakuza side of him. But falling in love isn’t smooth sailing as their relationship is constantly tested by third parties who aim to shake up their tight loving bond! There is no doubt that they are number one on this list as their bond is a captivating one and they are relationship goals don’t you think?

Final Thoughts

With Aki and Tomoharu ending our list, we do hope that you enjoyed the article! Overall, we made sure to include various couples with their own different special circumstances.We have the typical childhood friends situation, the love at first sight trope, the tsundere partner, the fierce couple, the happily married couple, the idiot fluffy pair and so on! We know that there are still a lot of amazing BL couples out there that are not listed here, so why not take the initiative and write down the couple that you think should be on this list. Look out for any Honey’s Anime manga BL manga updates and we hope to see you in the next article! Till next time! Now signing off!

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