Fujoshi Sees: Top 5 BL Ships in Bakuten!! (Backflip!!)

Bakuten!! Backflips into our hearts and encourages us to push our limits and do our best! There are certain couples of intrigue that make us wonder if there’s not more to the late nights, hours of touching, and intimate moments! Misato, the Ace of the team, is a big prize for multiple reasons and a clear trophy husband. But there are several potential couples in Bakuten!! that get our hearts a-flutter!

Futaba x Mashiro

Upon his introduction with Futaba, Mashiro is dismissive and insulting in a most innocent fashion. Of course, Futaba is flustered by Mashiro’s straightforward assessment of his abilities, but Futaba can’t bring himself to dislike Mashiro. His sweet demeanor with children, that sparkling smile, and his beautiful handstands make Mashiro impossible to dislike. Shortly after insulting him, Mashiro employs Futaba for a three-legged race and shows him the power of synchronization which leaves both boys laughing with joy. Seeing them so close to each other and smiling so sweetly is a treasure to behold!

Onagawa x Misato

Onagawa marches to the beat of his own drum. Or perhaps to the latest TanTan Girls single. But with his pretty dyed hair and fun-seeking attitude, Onagawa seems most concerned with doing what he wants rather than what others want. Most of the other rhythmic gymnastics club members let Onagawa do what he pleases. However, Misato has no problems laying into his senpai and telling him what he expects of him. Even though Onagawa might pout, he ends up listening to Misato. Always teasing his younger companion, Onagawa affectionately comes up with titles involving ‘Ace’ in them like Super Ace or Serious Ace to which Misato refutes. The one time Misato isn’t paying attention and ignores Onagawa’s teasing, Misato breaks Onagawa and the whole team tries to get him to respond! Onagawa is helplessly needy when it comes to Misato!

Misato x Mashiro

Mashiro’s affections for ‘Misa-pon’ are made very apparent immediately to the shock of everyone else! Misato doesn’t seem to hold the same feelings for Mashiro but Mashiro’s too busy fawning over Misato to notice. The way he always tags along with Misato before competitions or playing games makes him look like an eager child. In episode 6 we see a marked difference in this seemingly child-like, innocent crush. Mashiro reveals that he’s always been watching Misato and trying to surpass him and that’s what makes life worth living. He even adds ‘That’s why I love you! And I don’t let go of things I love’ with yandere flair. It might be closer to a stalker situation than a proper couple but who’s to say Misako wouldn’t eventually come around?

Watari x Onagawa

It’s easy to see Onagawa in a romantic relationship with others with his open, affectionate attitude, but Watari is a different story. He’s often gruff and obsessed with acting like a yakuza that you might think love isn’t even on his radar. But in episode 8 when Onagawa hurts his ankle, Watari goes crazy trying to care for his senpai! He gives Onagawa piggyback rides and tries to do everything for him! Watari has a hard time relying on other people instead of doing things himself but when he thinks there’s a chance Misato can serve Onagawa better, Watari tearfully begs Misato to take care of him. Watari sheds even more tears and clings to Onagawa once Onagawa is all healed up showing just how special he is to Watari!

Futaba x Misato

As the only first-years on the team, Misato and Futaba share a special bond. Futaba is always inspired, as others are, by Misato’s grace and expertise. But as the series progresses, Misato starts opening up and blushes as he allows himself to become vulnerable. These two are always gravitating towards each other and Futaba often lightly touches Misato or takes his hand. In episode 10, the two boys talk candidly about how they inspire one another and how grateful they are for each other, prompting another blush from Misato!

Final Thoughts

Bakuten!! Teaches us the beauty and power of men’s rhythmic gymnastics using some very cute guys. The way they trust and support one another is inspiring and it’s easy to imagine these relationships flourishing into love! Mashiro’s affectionate nature, Mikoto’s stoic but caring demeanor, and Futaba’s honest appreciation for others make them particularly easy to ship with others. What would be your favorite BL couple? Let us know in the comments!

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Bakuten-Wallpaper-2-700x391 Fujoshi Sees: Top 5 BL Ships in Bakuten!! (Backflip!!)

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