Fukumenkei Noise (Anonymous Noise) Vol. 2 Manga Review - A New Alice

A New Alice
  • Mangaka : Fukuyama, Ryouko
  • Publisher : VIZ
  • Genre : Music, Romance, Shoujo
  • Published : May 2017

Fukumenkei Noise (Anonymous Noise) Vol. 2 Introduction

Miou makes up her mind about leaving In No Hurry due to Yuzu’s inability to write music for anyone but Nino, yet, somehow, she ends up becoming Nino’s vocal coach. Nino’s as determined as ever to meet Momo again so she has no qualms about asking someone who hates her for help. By a stroke of luck, Nino learns Momo’s writing music now and is holding auditions for a new singer. When Yuzu learns about this, he has to make a tough decision about asking Nino to be the new vocalist for In No Hurry before their TV debut, but Momo’s auditions are the same day!

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

It’s sad to see Miou give up being In No Hurry’s vocalist when you know her feelings for Yuzu are tearing her up. To rub salt in the wounds, Miou’s insults to Nino only make Nino determined to have Miou teach her to sing better. She doesn’t want to help her enemy improve but Nino’s simple-minded goal to sing to reach Momo compels Miou to give in. They go over things like breath control and using the diaphragm, all practical singing techniques Nino never learned singing on her own. As if her new skills are truly bringing her closer to Momo, she catches his name on an ad for singing auditions. The winner will be given a contract and Momo will write songs for them. Nino throws herself into practice mode, determined to win so she can know for sure if that really is her Momo.

Yuzu still wants to disband In No Hurry, and internal disputes arise over if Nino should replace Miou or not and if they should do their first ever TV appearance. Yuzu hopes to keep a dark secret from Nino but they both overhear two of the members talking about how Yuzu lost his voice forever when he sang to Nino all those years ago. Yuzu knew Nino would be devastated knowing what happened and, as he feared, she loses her ability to sing. He manages to reassure her with another song he wrote for her, telling her that her voice was meant for his songs. Just as he’s about to work up the courage to ask Nino to be his vocalist, Nino gets a call saying she’s made it through the first round of auditions and the second round will have Momo himself on a panel of judges. Unfortunately, In No Hurry’s live TV performance is on May 29th, the same day as the audition with Momo. However, Nino is told that Momo refuses to sit in on her audition because her voice ‘is no beacon’. She’s faced with the realization that while she really has found Momo, he wants nothing to do with her.

While Yuzu was happy Nino decided not to go to the audition since she couldn’t see Momo, he hates seeing her so sad. He ends up talking with his buddy Sakaki (unbeknownst to him, he’s also Nino’s Momo) and feels encouraged to ask Nino to be their singer but also to convince her to try for the audition as well. Yuzu reveals to Nino that the pop music club is behind In No Hurry and requests she goes to the audition and then rushes to make the TV appearance as their vocalist. Nino found her own resolve to go to the audition after remembering how Momo would answer her even if they had a fight and was more than ready to balance both tasks.

While Yuzu and Nino prepare, we get to see into the elusive Momo’s life. His refusal to see Nino stems from his humiliation at turning his passion for songwriting into a way to just make money. Because he no longer writes songs just for Nino, he’s terrified of her seeing what he’s become. Even still, he tries to secretly sit in on her audition but his reaction to her voice reveals his presence. His cold words to Nino hide his secret longing to reconnect and Nino rushes to her debut with In No Hurry crying all the way. Yuzu comforts her, lamenting that she clings to him while thinking of another guy. They do their best to pull themselves together, but it’s not quite enough to keep things running smoothly…

Why You Should Read Fukumenkei Noise Vol. 2

1. Nino Takes Steps to an Amazing Career

Nino has so much talent and while she’s a little rough around the edges, it’s awesome to see her begin her journey as a musical professional. Her abilities are wasted on singing for a guy who won’t acknowledge her. She looks super cute in her Alice costume too! We can only hope she’ll find a new love and appreciation for singing that doesn’t revolve around Momo.

Why You Should Skip Fukumenkei Noise Vol. 2

1. Momo is Frustrating

While it’s understandable you might not want someone to see you as a shell of your former self, it’s really hard to understand why Momo feels this way. He’s making money in order to help his parents out of debt. Nino wouldn’t even register his ‘lack of passion’ and would just be happy to have her friend back. Not only does Momo refuse to see her, but he’s outright mean to her which is heartbreaking. It seems like so much drama could be resolved if he just told her ‘I’m trying to make money to help my parents but it’s not what I want to do. Let’s hang out sometime.’ But apparently, Momo wants to deny them both the simple pleasure of reuniting.

Final Thoughts

Nino taking a decisive, long-term decision to be in a band knowing Momo refuses to see her even when they’re in the same place is great because it shows her own investment in singing outside of just making Momo look at her. She loves Yuzu’s songs and Yuzu loves having her voice for his music. One thing that’s sure to cause problems in the future is Momo and Yuzu’s friendship, having no idea what the other means to Nino. All we know for now is that something unexpected is going to happen in volume 3!

Fukumen-Kei-2-manga Fukumenkei Noise (Anonymous Noise) Vol. 2 Manga Review - A New Alice


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