Fun Facts about Durarara!! Author Ryohgo Narita

Born in Tokyo Japan on May 30, 1980, Ryohgo Narita is creator of some of the most intricate manga and anime stories I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. With the release of Baccano! in 2002, his style became public and his stories swept clear across the seas from Japan to Europe and the USA.

After receiving the Gold Prize in the 9th Dengeki Novel Prize, his novel was adapted into a 13 episode anime and released on July 27, 2007.

He released Durarara!! in 2004, with the anime adaptation to follow in 2009. He’s been quoted in an interview stating that the main protagonist is not Mikado, but is in fact Celty the Dullahan and that Mikado was in fact intended to be a “still waters run deep” type of character.

Another fun thing about his characters, they’re all ironic. Bear with me here, think Shizuo, a violent and quick tempered beast of a man – that hates violence. Izaya loves all humans – yet brings them pain. Mikado wants to escape the boring country life – yet is the leader of the largest gang in Ikebukuro. They’re all ironic, contradicting their character image!

My personal favorite fun fact is his work “Fate/strange Fake” and how it copied another anime (obviously) and turned it into something different, something a bit more fun.

In this, there is no Saber class, as it’s all been copied by the U.S. and done incorrectly (thanks NSA). The definition of what a hero is is also blurry, so the summons aren’t what is to be expected!

Mr. Narita doesn’t have a lot of his personal information posted on the web as of yet, but you can find his personal website here, and his personal twitter account here if you’d like to keep up with him!

by Nathaniel Loomis

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