Funimation Brings “SHIN GODZILLA” to Austin to Celebrate Home Video Release!

What You Need to Know:

  • Godzilla, King of the Monsters, is headed to Austin for “Strange Beasts V: Shin Beasts” art show and exhibition at Guzu Gallery - a special “SHIN GODZILLA” inspired edition of the annual event celebrating the film’s North American home video release on August 1. Funimation is sponsoring “Strange Beasts V: Shin Beasts” and its Opening Night Party which will take place on Friday, July 28 from 7:00-10:00 p.m.
  • Those who plan to attend will get to enjoy new and original works of kaiju art from 14 local, national and international artists, including, legendary sci-fi and fantasy artist Bob Eggleton who will also be appearing in-person as a celebrity guest.
  • Funimation will be distributing a select number of limited-edition posters of a commissioned Godzilla artwork created by nationally-renowned kaiju artist and Austin-area resident Matt Frank. The art show and exhibition will also feature a special display of Bandai and X-Plus Japanese import Godzilla action figures courtesy of toy distributor Bluefin. Some of these figures will be available for purchase. “Strange Beasts V: Shin Beasts” will be on display from July 28 – August 21, 2017. To know more about the event, be sure to scroll down below!

Source: Official Press Release

Featured Artists

Preston Asevedo
Dan Brereton
Kevin T. Chin
Tim Doyle
Bob Eggleton
Matt Frank
Josh Hoskins
Alexander Iaccarino
Hiroshi Kanatani
Timothy Lim
New Flesh
Nick Pitarra
Jeff Zornow


“SHIN GODZILLA” was co-directed by Hideaki Anno (creator of “Evangelion”) and Shinji Higuchi (director of “Attack on Titan” live action movies) and is the 29th film produced by Toho Co., Ltd. in the iconic science fiction monster franchise. The film grossed more than $1.9M at the box office during its North American theatrical release last October. “SHIN GODZILLA” will be released on August 1 and is available in both DVD and Blu-ray/DVD Combo + UV editions. Both editions are available for pre-order at the official Funimation website.

honey's anime character
GODZILLA!!! I haven't heard much from the Godzilla series in a long time. Great to see that there are still devoted fans who wish to keep the series alive and strong!

honey's anime character
Perhaps I'm one of the very few who don't really fancy Godzilla much. Not sure why but the towering lizard just doesn't appeal to me.