Fuser is Everything a Music Game Should Be

fuser_splash Fuser is Everything a Music Game Should Be

There are two kinds of music video games: those where you perform specific actions guided by the beat, and those where you emulate an instrument player. Fuser, from the creators of Dance Central, Rock Band, and Amplitude, just to name a few, is a majestic game that puts you in the heart of a huge festival. If you ever dreamed of being a popular DJ, this is the game for you. No experience needed!

Last Night a DJ Saved the Music Genre's Life

fuser_splash Fuser is Everything a Music Game Should Be

We're huge fans of music games, but not all of them are the same. Rock Band and Guitar Hero, along with Just Dance!, Dance Dance Revolution, and Beatmania, are probably the most well-known. Then we have Osu, for example, or Taiko no Tatsujin, two niche games with strong communities. If you like handheld consoles, then we could add a dozen other titles for the PSP, Switch, or mobile phones. But what if you like mixing songs instead of dancing, playing instruments, singing, or just pushing random buttons to the beat?

One could mention DJ Hero, but that's just Guitar Hero with a different peripheric; you're not really mixing the songs, which is ultimately the fun part of being a DJ. On the other hand, mixing songs in video games has always been a cringe-worthy endeavor; just take MTV Music Generator as proof. Fast-forward to today, and we FINALLY have a cool alternative that allows us to experiment and put our creativity to the test! And with a super cool list of licensed songs!

Perfectioning a Board Game

Speaking of plastic peripherals and games that use mixing songs as the core mechanic, we have DropMix, also developed by Harmonix. DropMix is a card-based board game where you can combine different songs to create your own flavor, and that's basically a Fuser prototype.

Fuser is a full-fledged video game, but this time you don't need any expensive peripherals to enjoy it. Oh, and the gameplay is quite straightforward: you have 4 DJ turntables and a set of songs, each one featuring 4 colored—sometimes only three—"categories": beat, bass, synth, guitar, vocals, etc. With that in mind, all you need to do is follow the beat and start combining these bangers without any kind of restriction.

Too Many Levels of Complexity, All Equally Fun to Play and Explore

Although there is no real 'story,' the campaign mode is where you develop yourself as a DJ. At first, just combining a few songs will be enough to satisfy your audience, but later on, Fuser gets more and more complex with each new show. You can change the tempo and the key, but you can also add several effects, play your own riffs and beats, mute specific parts of your mix and drop the hottest bomb with a cool fade-in... it's all up to you!

One of the things we love about Fuser is dealing with people's requests since sometimes it gets really hard to combine certain songs and make it all sound smooth. That's why it's so important to incorporate songs from all genres and decades...

It's clear that Fuser can be played in several different ways, so there's always something to do. While other music games are all about getting 5 stars in the most impossible songs ever created, Fuser encourages you to take your time and practice in Freestyle mode or join other DJs around the world for a battle or co-op jam session. That's amazing because it shows the most important part of the game is the music itself, regardless of your approach to things.

Final Thoughts

Fuser is a more than welcome take on the genre and a perfect example of what other music games should be doing. It's fresh, it's relaxing, it's competitive, it doubles as a party game, yet it's also a powerful tool for those who like DJing but don't have the resources to buy the proper equipment and all the fancy software. Oh, and it also features a lot of inclusive customization options for your avatar!

If you have what it takes to be the next big thing in the DJ world, try Fuser! It's already available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

fuser_splash Fuser is Everything a Music Game Should Be


Author: Rod Locksley

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