Futsal Boys!!!!!

Futsal Boys!!!!!

Sports, School, Shounen

Airing Date:
January 9, 2022


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The story takes place over a decade after futsal gained immense popularity worldwide. After watching the U-18 World Cup championship, Haru Yamato is greatly inspired by a player from the Japan National Team named Tokinari Tenoji. He then enthusiastically joins the Koyo Academy High School’s futsal team where he meets Seiichiro Sakaki, a solitary player who never passes the ball to his teammates, and Toi Tsukioka, who was once about to give up on futsal. Each of them have their own pasts, but right now, all they want to do is play futsal.

As they waver along the way, they passionately dash across the field. With the power of youth at their side, these high school boys give futsal everything they’ve got!

Characters & Voice Actors

Futsal-Boys-KV Futsal Boys!!!!!
Haru Yamato: Shunta Takayoshi

He grew up in America when he was a child. He watches the U-18 World Cup futsal match and is so inspired by the Japanese player, Tokinari Tenoji, that he goes to Japan to play futsal. His hobby in America was dancing and he won competitions in the past. He’s very athletic and is a cheerful and honest guy who quickly gets along with anyone, except for Sakaki. He often fights with him and gets reprimanded by Yukinaga.
Futsal-Boys-KV Futsal Boys!!!!!
Seiichiro Sakaki: Shuto Ishimori

A cool and silent guy who is hard on himself and others. Since junior high school he has demonstrated outstanding skills and has become widely-known as a famous all-round athlete. He thinks that he’s better off doing everything by himself and doesn’t trust his teammates. He especially doesn’t trust Yamato, being a futsal newbie, and often butts heads with him.
Futsal-Boys-KV Futsal Boys!!!!!
Toi Tsukioka: Kouhei Yoshiwara

The captain of Koyo Academy’s futsal team who gently holds the team together. He’s spent the past year abroad in Spain and has just returned to Japan. He’s good enough to be selected for the U-18 Japan team, but he broke down in front of Tokinari Tenoji’s overwhelming power.
Futsal-Boys-KV Futsal Boys!!!!!
Tsubaki Yukinaga: Ryotaro Yamaguchi

The vice-captain of Koyo Academy’s futsal team. He’s snappy when instructing the junior players, but in times of need, he’s always there for them. He supports Koyo’s futsal team until Tsukioka returns from Spain. He isn’t up to speed with the latest technology and trends.
Futsal-Boys-KV Futsal Boys!!!!!
Ryu Nagumo: Kazunori Furuta

He doesn’t sweat the small stuff and he always puts the team in a good mood. He sometimes acts like a class clown, but he’s quite clever. Despite his small stature, he’s an aggressive player who shined in junior high school tournaments as the top scorer. He’s like a big brother to Yamato and teaches him the ropes. He sincerely hopes that his childhood friend Amakado will come back to futsal again.
Futsal-Boys-KV Futsal Boys!!!!!
Taiga Amakado: Yasunao Sakai

He had the potential to be the best goalkeeper in junior high school, but after starting a fight at one of the tournaments, he distanced himself from futsal. He’s a former delinquent who has a menacing look on his face and isn’t good at communicating, so he’s often misunderstood. He’s known Nagumo since childhood and is his one and only friend.
Futsal-Boys-KV Futsal Boys!!!!!
Satoru Usami: Seiichiro Yamashita

The manager of the Koyo Academy futsal team. Together with Yukinaga, she supports the team until Tsukioka returns from Spain.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "BRAVE MAKER" by Takao Sakuma
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Mao Marita
  • Director: Yukina Hiiro
  • Series Composition: Seiji Yonemura
  • Character Design: Tomomi Ishikawa
  • Sound Director: Ryosuke Naya
  • Original Illustrator: Mizuki Kawashita / Utako Yukihiro / Marumero Tanaka / Ruka Urumiya / Sata / Shirano / Lily Hoshino
  • Music: R・O・N

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