Future Card Buddyfight X (Battsu) - Spring 2017 - Winter 2018

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Future Card Buddyfight X (Battsu)

Kodomomuke, Shounen, Action, Fantasy

Airing Date:
April 1 2017


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The 4th Season of Future Card Buddyfight.

The ten parallel realms connected to Earth are known as Worlds. And at long last, the time to decide the Worlds’ Number One has come!

Gao Mikado, a sixth-grader from Aibo Academy elementary division, has been chosen to represent Dragon World in the World Buddy Masters tournament. Guided by a messenger who claimed to be Saint Holy Sword Dragon, Gao went to Dragon World itself in search of his new Buddy! As if that was not an adventure enough, Gao interfered with the seal on an ancient shrine and released a forbidden monster! Known as the Demon Lord Dragon, Batzz, this forbidden monster had once devastated the continent of Dragon World. Batzz is a tyrannical monster which pays no heed to anyone. Yet, Gao believes he can become Buddies with even such a monster, and entered the tournament with him.

Ten representatives from ten Worlds.
One legendary Mirage Card that is bestowed to the winner.
An organization plotting for the legendary card, led by a man called Wisdom.

What will Gao, and his new buddy, Batzz get themselves into this time!?
Follow their adventures in the animation!

Three Episode Impression

Now here’s the awaited sequel to the Future Card Buddyfight series! One thing to expect from a new sequel, it’s new and improved Buddy(s)! What’s to like about this series, is the design of the characters and cards/buddy which are very colorful and unique. The creators did a very great job making the characters come alive with different personalities contrasting with their respective Buddy.
As for the card fight itself, kudos to the animation team for making it look so exciting. The plot looks promising as well. All in all, even though we don’t watch a lot of card fight games, but first impression we got from the 3 episodes is so far quite interesting. I’d definitely put this anime to my watch list!

Characters & Voice Actors List

Gao Mikado

Voice Actor: Marie Mizuno

Gaou is the main character of this series. He was chosen as the representative of the Dragon World for the World Buddy Masters.


Voice Actor: Rikiya Koyama

Batzz is the legendary Dragon King. It is said that he destroyed the Dragon World in just one night.

Kanata Oozora

Voice Actor: Yuuko Sanpei

Kanata is a genius soccer player. He goes to the same school as Gaou and is a sixth grader in class 7.


Voice Actor: Takahiro Mizushima

Atora is a Star Dragon from the Dragon World and is a member of the crystal dragon family.

Guide Kurouzu

Voice Actor: Shouta Aoi

Guide is a buddy fighter who goes to the same school as Gaou and Kanata. He is a sixth grader in class 1.


Voice Actor: Takaya Kuroda

Abigail is an eye dragon who battles together with Guide to become the strongest.

Chibi Panda

Voice Actor: Ayaka Saitou

Chibi Panda’s real name is Saint Holy Sword Dragon. It has a problem saying ~ndesu frequently after things.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Brave Soul Fight! By Paruko Nanana (Sora Tokui), Baku Oomori (Shuuta Morishima)
  • Ending Song: Mukai Kaze ni Fight! by Yuuho Iwasato

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Bushiroad, Mitsuhisa Tamura, Shogakukan
  • Director: Shigetaka Ikeda
  • Series Composition: Shinzou Fujita
  • Character Design: Kumiko Ozawa
  • Sound Director: Yasunori Ebina
  • Original Illustrator: Quily
  • Music: Kazushi Miyakoda, Shigeru Yamamoto

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