Get Even - Xbox One Review

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Revenge gets twisted

Game Info: (Box Display)

  • System: PS4. Xbox One, PC
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Developer: The Farm 51
  • Release Date: Jun 23, 2017

Who it Caters to

GetEven_XONE_BoxFront_2D_ENCF-Get-Even-Capture-300x380 Get Even - Xbox  One Review
Get Even aims to tell both a unique story all while having various gaming elements such as shooting and puzzle solving in equal measure. Those who enjoy a balance of story with action will love the mind bending narrative tale being told in Get Even. There are plenty of moments in GET EVEN that will make the player think, is this the right choice or can this be handled another way? That is the beauty and heart of GET EVEN, a story that keeps you guessing from the very beginning to the very end. GET EVEN is a truly unique FPS that players will find to be in a category of its own entirely.

What to Expect

GetEven_XONE_BoxFront_2D_ENCF-Get-Even-Capture-300x380 Get Even - Xbox  One Review
Players should be prepared for a mixture of gun fights, puzzles and plenty of story exploration in Get Even. Developers The Farm 51 truly wanted to spin a narrative that would last in the player’s mind even after the credits roll. The mixture of mind bending narrative keeps players always trying to guess what is really going on in the main character’s mind all while surviving the threats of the various locations you’ll enter. With a multitude of different gaming mechanics to label Get Even as just another FPS title would be misleading. Get Even stands as a great marriage between the typical concepts a FPS presents—shooting baddies and surviving gunfire—as well as an adventure-like game that makes players carefully explore every crevice of the environment for clues. Get Even is easily one of the strangest and most intriguing FPS titles we’ve ever seen at Honey’s Anime and we know that many of you gamers out there will agree.


GetEven_XONE_BoxFront_2D_ENCF-Get-Even-Capture-300x380 Get Even - Xbox  One Review
Waking up in front of some large—seemingly abandoned—building, all you remember is your name, Cole Black. As you reach around, you notice your phone which tells you to save the girl—for what reasons and what she needs to be saved by are unclear. Venturing around the structure, you notice that there are armed guards watching for intruders. Black realizes he is a mercenary and while his memories may be dull, his skills with a gun are certainly not. Finally, Black reaches the young girl and tries to save her from a bomb strapped to her chest but unfortunately is too late. Black should have died alongside the girl but wakes up in yet another unfamiliar location, this time however, he notices a strange device wrapped around his head. Black’s world is about to get even more confusing as he is told he must venture into his memories if he wishes to be saved himself…


GetEven_XONE_BoxFront_2D_ENCF-Get-Even-Capture-300x380 Get Even - Xbox  One Review
Get Even is literally an amalgamation of different first person mechanics. On one hand, you have shooting, which works perfectly fine and is very simple in a good way. Then on the other hand, Get Even is about exploration as you explore various locations via the device on your head named Pandora. This device is cleverly woven into the story as a means for Black to stare at images and dive into his own memories to piece together what happened before and after the game’s starting moments. Players will explore these locales with various tools to help them along the way such as a smartphone that has an array of gadgets—such as scanners, infrared, maps and so forth—all while having a gun usually in case some enemies appear. There’s also plenty more to do in Get Even as you get to at one point play as another character but we will keep those spoilers to ourselves. Just note that even when you gain the new abilities of character 2, the game still plays smoothly and is never not fun.

Graphically, Get Even is sometimes okay and other times, Get Even is kind of mediocre. Is it ever a big issue? The simple answer is no. Thankfully developers The Farm 51 really poured hours into making sure the game looked well in terms of environments and that is really a very important detail as you’ll be looking at walls, floors and various other objects a lot during the exploration moments. The disappointing character designs and sometimes bland environments are the only negative to Get Even and honestly we weren’t off put by it. As they say graphics aren’t everything and seeing how this isn’t a full priced title we here at Honey’s Anime are sure you won’t feel the game isn’t impressive.

While the graphics may not impress, the soundtrack and voice acting will. We were blown away by the amazing music and how each character felt really engaged with their characters leaving only a few times that anyone sounded okay or downright awful. This may seem like a double negative but in a game that has so many characters being introduced or voices to be heard, it’s actually a very impressive feat. We really give high remarks to the voice actor for Cole Black who does an impressive job as the main star of the show, his gruff reactions and sometimes utter anger are well handled and very strong. Get Even did a tremendous job in the sound department and we’re happy to report that indeed.

Now we talked briefly about the shooting and the exploration but let’s dive back into that for a moment to look at these elements more in depth. Players will use their in game smartphones to look at clues as well as navigate around thanks to a very handy map application. When exploration is thrown out the window, it is usually during the scenes where Black is in a memory involving taking down thugs or hired men, and luckily the shootouts are fun and play really well. However, because there are only two difficulties to choose from—traumatizing and gentle—sometimes the fights can be a bit overly simple or extremely annoying, but it’s a rare issue. The CornerGun—a stolen weapon in the game’s narrative—probably is going to be what most talk about in Get Even as this gun, when you get a hold of it, offers nothing but fun ways to take down baddies and creates a nice break from the typical gunfights. We also mentioned you control a second player outside of Black at one point but to avoid large spoilers we can only say that his/her gameplay mechanics are very interesting and change the game up in several ways, mind you all in good ways. Overall, the game mechanics work very well and we can’t find many complaints—if any—to be honest.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

GetEven_XONE_BoxFront_2D_ENCF-Get-Even-Capture-300x380 Get Even - Xbox  One Review
Get Even was far from what we were expecting from a FPS title and we’re sure that is a common theme for players who venture into Get Even. From the very opening moments to the different endings the player can get, Get Even continued to impress us with strong narrative, great shooting and fun ideas in terms of exploration and choice. Yes, the graphics may not be the best and sometimes the game can be borderline asinine with its puzzles but regardless this 8+ hour game continued to be more pleasing than not. For the price of admission we could easily say it’s worth it and honestly are surprised this isn’t a full priced title given how much content it has. The Farm 51 should be praised for they have truly made a wonderful FPS title that we know will blow the minds of people just like it did with us.

Honey's Pros:

  • Very Interesting Story
  • Truly Unique FPS gameplay
  • Strong Narrative
  • Interesting gameplay mechanics
  • Shocking conclusion
  • Strong Soundtrack
  • Multiple Endings

Honey's Cons:

  • Average Graphics
  • Overly simple puzzles
  • Sometimes unforgiving shootouts

Honey's Final Verdict:

GetEven_XONE_BoxFront_2D_ENCF-Get-Even-Capture-300x380 Get Even - Xbox  One Review
It’s very often that adventure games and FPS elements don’t mesh well with one another. The mixture of the two usually leaves one element faltering behind because maybe the development team wanted to focus on the shooting or the exploration more than the other. Get Even doesn’t have this problem as both elements are wonderful crafted and executed leaving a great feeling of satisfaction once the game was completed. We here at Honey’s Anime have said our piece about Get Even and now we would love to hear from you amazing people out there. Leave a comment down below to tell us what you thought of either the game or our review, heck why not both? If you love our reviews well we here at Honey’s Anime aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and nor should you, we’ll be back with more gaming reviews very soon.

GetEven_XONE_BoxFront_2D_ENCF-Get-Even-Capture-300x380 Get Even - Xbox  One Review


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