Getter Robo Arc

Getter Robo Arc

Action, Sci-Fi, Mecha/Robot, Shounen

Airing Date:
Summer 2021

Bee Media

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Survival or extinction?
Takuma Nagare (CV Yuma Uchida) and his friend Baku Yamagishi (CV Kazuhiro Sunseki) stand atop a mountain of trash. In front of them is a crashed Getter D2 that fell from the sky.

The world has been devastated.
Nineteen years ago, humanity was attacked by a strange insect-like race, and the resulting war left most of the world’s major cities in ruins. The world’s nations gathered their forces in Siberia and challenged the enemy to a decisive battle. Ryoma Nagare and his Getter robot were part of this battle.

Present day, Japan.
At the foot of Mount Asama stands the Saotome Institute. From the institute’s command room, Hayato Jin (CV Naoya Uchida) is monitoring a battle (Yes, the war is still ongoing!) He receives a report that a downed Getter D2 has begun to move. The young man on the screen introduces himself as Takuma Nagare, the son of Ryoma Nagare who took part in the battle 19 years ago. Takuma immediately pilots the Getter D2 into the sky and joins the fray. Hayato issues an order to Sho Kamui (CV Arimaro Mukaino), a pilot on standby: “Launch the Getter Arc!”
The Getter Arc, a new type of Getter robot, cuts through the sky!
What awaits them at the end of the battle? Survival or extinction?

Characters & Voice Actors

Getter-Robot-Arc-Teaser-Visual Getter Robo Arc
Takuma Nagare: Yuma Uchida

The 19 year old pilot of Getter Arc. He has a short temper but is able to distinguish right from wrong in a lawless environment. His favorite food is convenience store rice balls. His father is Ryoma Nagare. Perhaps because of this, he was born with the ability to heal faster than the average person. The search for his mother’s killer leads him to the Saotome Institute and a fateful encounter with the Getter robots.
Getter-Robot-Arc-Teaser-Visual Getter Robo Arc
Sho Kamui: Arimaro Mukaino

The 19 year old pilot of Getter Kirik. Due to special circumstances surrounding his birth, he has an unusual appearance and an extremely powerful body. He was raised by Hayato Jin to become a Getter pilot.
Getter-Robot-Arc-Teaser-Visual Getter Robo Arc
Baku Yamagishi: Sunseki Kazuhiro

The 22 year old pilot of Getter Khan. He saved Takuma when they were children, and they have been friends ever since. Despite his intimidating looks, he has a gentle disposition. He is also a skilled hacker who can break through military-grade security with ease. He is the younger brother of Tahir, who participated in the war 19 years ago. He has some powers of precognition, through not nearly as strong as his brother’s.
Getter-Robot-Arc-Teaser-Visual Getter Robo Arc
Hayato Jin: Naoya Uchida

Hayato was a member of the original Getter team. After Dr. Saotome’s passing, Hayato took over as head of the institute and continued research on the Getter line. As commander of the allied forces that protect humanity from the unknown enemy, he is also in charge of running the Getter D2 unit.
Getter-Robot-Arc-Teaser-Visual Getter Robo Arc
Getter Arc:

The last robot that Dr. Saotome designed for the future of humanity. Following his death, Hayato Jin took over the institute and completed it in the hopes of a brighter future. It is highly stable and surpasses previous models in terms of energy efficiency and combat ability. The Getter Arc is a balanced model. It is piloted by Takuma Nagare.
Getter-Robot-Arc-Teaser-Visual Getter Robo Arc

Getter Takuma Nagare rides.
Getter-Robot-Arc-Teaser-Visual Getter Robo Arc
Getter Kirik:

A speed model. It is piloted by Sho Kamui. It has several features for high-speed attacks, such as the ability to change its arms into drills.
Getter-Robot-Arc-Teaser-Visual Getter Robo Arc

Getter Sho Kamui rides.
Getter-Robot-Arc-Teaser-Visual Getter Robo Arc
Getter Khan:

A power model. It is piloted by Baku Yamagishi. It is able to transform from a conventional robot into a Khan rover with giant wheels. It specializes in operating in high pressure environments, such as under the sea.
Getter-Robot-Arc-Teaser-Visual Getter Robo Arc

The Getter Baku Yamagishi rides
Getter-Robot-Arc-Teaser-Visual Getter Robo Arc
Getter D2:

A mass-produced Getter robot owned by the Saotome Institute. It resembles the Getter Dragon, but its specs have been suppressed due to the inability of pilots to keep up. Therefore, in addition to built-in weapons, the robot’s combat abilities are augmented by huge handheld machine guns and assault rifles.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Bloodlines〜Unmei no Kettou〜" by JAM Project
"Getter Robo Arc" (Manga)
Getter-Robot-Arc-Teaser-Visual Getter Robo Arc

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Go Nagai
  • Director: Jun Kawagoe
  • Script: Tadashi Hayakawa
  • Series Composition: Tadashi Hayakawa
  • Character Design: Hideyuki Motohashi
  • Sound Director: Tooru Nakano
  • Original Illustrator: Ken Ishikawa
  • Music: Yoshichika Kuriyama / Shiho Terada

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