Ghost Parade - PlayStation 4 Review

Ghost-Parade-Logo Ghost Parade - PlayStation 4 Review

A normal walk home takes a turn when Suri ends up in a mysterious forest full of ghosts!

  • System: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows
  • Publisher: Aksys Games
  • Developer: Lentera Nusantara
  • Release Date: Oct. 31, 2019

Who it Caters to

Ghost-Parade-Logo Ghost Parade - PlayStation 4 Review
Ghost Parade caters to gamers that like platforming games and action side-scrollers, which makes up the majority of the gameplay. That makes Ghost Parade cater to older gamers or players who like the older style of a platformer rather than more modern open maps. But Ghost Parade still has a very modern feel to it, with very clear graphics and smooth animation. Despite having a classic play style Ghost Parade also caters to newer gamers, too, making it a versatile game that many people can enjoy.

Ghost Parade also caters to players who like a story-rich game because it has a fully formed narrative, including a satisfying ending (no matter how predictable it may be). For gamers who have any interest in the supernatural especially, Ghost Parade follows through on the theme without being too dark or scary. It had a good balance of having the supernatural side of ghosts without alienating younger gamers or players who don’t want to play a horror game. The ghosts and even Suri, the main heroine, are quite cute! So Ghost Parade can appeal to a wide age range from younger players through adults.

What to Expect

Ghost-Parade-Logo Ghost Parade - PlayStation 4 Review
Ghost Parade may have the word “ghost” in the title, but it’s far from a horror game. If you’re looking for scary ghosts, look elsewhere because the ghosts in Ghost Parade are pretty cute. The game does have a dark atmosphere and aesthetic, but it’s more creepy-cute than anything else. But don’t let the cute side of Ghost Parade lull you into thinking it’s just an easy game for kids or casual players. Ghost Parade is really challenging! Even the first boss will likely conquer you a few times before you really get the hang of it, and some of the platforming sequences are difficult as well.

Beyond offering a challenge alongside creepy-cute ghosts, you can expect great art and clean graphics form Ghost Parade. The character designs are very original, and each ghost has its own unique look. The forest setting is dark and mysterious but undeniably a beautiful place to explore as well. Ghost Parade has a very specific aesthetic that it is going for, and it achieves it well. In addition to the art, Ghost Parade is a story-rich game. It doesn’t sacrifice the narrative just for platforming gameplay, and the message it is trying to say is an important one about protecting the Earth - though in this case, for the sake of the ghosts.


Ghost-Parade-Logo Ghost Parade - PlayStation 4 Review
In Ghost Parade, you play as a young girl named Suri. Her day begins seemingly normal, but that changes when she is walking home from school. She becomes lost in a dark and mysterious forest, unable to find her way home. She’s far from alone in the forest, though; it’s full of ghosts! But the ghosts are not the problem. It turns out that there are others who want to level the entire forest to fill their own pockets with money and destroy the supernatural habitat that the ghosts live in.

Suri wants to get home, and the ghosts want to save their home. Suri becomes their unexpected ally, and they hers, as they work together to try to save their home. Working with 30 different ghostly companions, each unique in their own way, they all have a “ghost of a chance” of succeeding! It’s up to you to navigate through the beautiful but dark forest to help the ghosts and find your way home.


Ghost-Parade-Logo Ghost Parade - PlayStation 4 Review
Ghost Parade is a side-scrolling 2D platforming game. That means that the screen will be moving along with your character who can only move in a two-dimensional environment. You have to figure out how to get past obstacles and survive a treacherous landscape by jumping, climbing, and navigating your way through the dark forest. Each stage of the forest is unique and different, so it’s always a new challenge on how to complete the stage and move on to the next part of the story. In addition to these platforming challenges, there is also combat (using lanterns as weapons) which utilises Suri’s ghost friends.

Thus, a huge part of gameplay in Ghost Parade is the ghost companions that Suri meets along the way. There are 30 different companions to collect, and they all have their own unique abilities to help you on your journey. Which ghosts you use and how you use them are entirely up to you! Using these ghost companions in battles along with typical platforming gameplay, you have to survive the dangers of the forest and stop those who want to destroy it. Ghost Parade takes a tactical mind, problem-solving skills, which reflexes, and arguably a bit of luck to complete! Some of the bosses can pose quite a challenge.

Ghost Parade also fully supports trophies and achievements to share and compare your progress with your friends.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Ghost-Parade-Logo Ghost Parade - PlayStation 4 Review
Platforming puzzles, challenging combat, and ghosts galore all makeup Ghost Parade. For fans of the genre, Ghost Parade is a great new game. Its artwork alone is beautiful, the soundtrack is decent, and all the characters are uniquely presented. Plus the story is really good, which isn’t always common in a platforming game! While there are a few flaws in our opinion—mostly with the balance of difficulty in the game—overall, Ghost Parade is a good addition to an action-platforming gamer’s collection.

Honey's Pros:

  • Ghost Parade knows what its theme and aesthetic are (as we said earlier, creepy-cute) and follows through on it. The game stays true to that theme the whole time, with plenty of small details to add to the atmosphere it’s creating.
  • There are 30 unique ghost companions to find and use the abilities of, which is a lot of different characters for you to build your party from. It’s really fun to discover them all!
  • The forest levels can be completed in multiple ways, so Ghost Parade is not entirely linear.
  • The art in Ghost Parade is all original and unique. Each ghost companion is different and special in their own way, as are the different stages of the forest. Even Suri herself has a memorable look that sets her apart from other game heroines.
  • The narrative in Ghost Parade persists through the whole game and isn’t forgotten or overshadowed by gameplay. It motivates you to keep trying even when it’s hard so you can find out what happens next in the story.

Honey's Cons:

  • Some platforming sequences are incredibly difficult, making Ghost Parade feel unbalanced. While most of the platforming parts can be completed in a few tries, there are sequences that players may get stuck on for unnaturally long amounts of time, causing unnecessary frustration.
  • It’s hard to earn additional lives, even at save points. For players that are not used to the gameplay in Ghost Parade, it may be hard to ever finish the game.
  • Ghost Parade isn’t very long for how much it costs to purchase, especially if you don’t get stuck on any levels or bosses and are able to progress through the whole game quickly.

Honey's Final Verdict:

Ghost-Parade-Logo Ghost Parade - PlayStation 4 Review
Whether you like creepy-cute aesthetic, action platformers, supernatural themes, or just great game narratives, Ghost Parade is a hit. While sometimes it can be punishingly difficult, for the most part, the gameplay is fun and action-oriented. You’ll want to keep playing to finish the story, find all the ghosts, and save the forest! Plus, Suri’s design is really unique and suits the atmosphere of the game. Overall, Ghost Parade is a fun game for players who want to give an Indie platformer a try. The art alone makes it worth checking out Ghost Parade! You’ll end up staying for the story.

Have you played Ghost Parade yet? What did you think? Do you agree with our review? Are you still thinking about whether or not to get the game yourself? Did we persuade you in either way? Let us know your comments and questions below!

Ghost-Parade-Logo Ghost Parade - PlayStation 4 Review


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