Sorairo Utility

Sorairo Utility


Airing Date:
December 31, 2021

Yostar Pictures

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This is a story that colorfully depicts a day of golf for high school students Haruka, Ayaka and Minami. After getting up earlier than usual, full of excitement, they pack their golf clubs in their bags and begin their day.

The main character Minami is a novice golfer who has just started out. While watching over her, Haruka and Ayaka take delight in each of the different golf stances and teach her how to enjoy them.

They are three girls who go to different schools and have different tastes, but through golf, each of their worlds becomes more vivid.

This is the beginning of their story.

Characters & Voice Actors

Sorairo-Utility-KV Sorairo Utility
Minami: Miyu Takagi

A 16-year-old first-year high school student. She’s a novice golfer and the youngest of the three girls. It hasn’t been long since she started golfing, but she’s determined to make par!
Sorairo-Utility-KV Sorairo Utility
Haruka: Yurina Amami

An 18-year-old third-year high school student. She’s the most skilled golfer of the three girls. She encourages Minami with her cheerfulness.
Sorairo-Utility-KV Sorairo Utility
Ayaka: Ayasa Goto

An 18-year-old third-year high school student. On top of being a golfer, she’s also an amateur model whose gentle aura calms down any situation.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Gunjou Love theory" by Miyu Takagi / Yurina Amami / Ayasa Goto
Main Staff
  • Director: Kengo Saito
  • Script: Kouta Nozomi
  • Animation Director: Kengo Saito

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