Girls Und Panzer: The Final Chapter Details Finally Revealed!


What You Need to Know:

  • Girls und Pazer fans get exicted as we finally are getting news on what is going on! Yeserday was the event for Girls und Panzer in Yokohama, that, according to reports, was about 99% middle-aged men.
  • Previously we were told that with the PV, the final chapter is going to be a movie. It has been revealed that the finale is going to be not one movie, but SIX!
  • The six movies will start with the first one which hit the silver screen December 2017. It has also been confirmed that these movies will be at the very least 40 minutes in length. It is currently not known if subsequent movies will be full length, or if we will be getting something between a normal anime season and anime movies. Stay with us as we bring more news!

Source: Yaraon

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How many more years are these girls going to fight?!
Is one of them going to become the space battleship Yamato? lol
I thought it was only going to be three...
6 Anime Movies?!? How many years is this going to be dragged out?
So these girls need to live another ten years. Got it.

honeys anime character
Uuuuughhhhh six movies? This is going to take forever.

honeys anime character
You could be getting noting like all of the other anime series that die. Be grateful.
honeys anime character
Woah woah woah. Slow down the crazy train!