Gods Will Fall - PlayStation 4 Review

gods_will_fall_splash Gods Will Fall - PlayStation 4 Review

Ten gods are not enough to stop me and my recently formed group of friends.

  • System: PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
  • Publisher: Deep Silver
  • Developer: Clever Beans
  • Release Date: January 29, 2021

Gods Will Fall - Official Launch Trailer

Who it Caters to

gods_will_fall_splash Gods Will Fall - PlayStation 4 Review
Gods Will Fall is the story of a group of warriors facing the adventure of their lives; and a dangerous one, we must say.

In this game, you control a small group of randomly generated heroes trying to complete 10 dungeons to kill the monstrous gods that inhabit them. But these gods are not alone, so getting out of these gods' lairs alive is probably as difficult as getting there in the first place...

Only the most sadistic players will enjoy such a brutal challenge!

What to Expect

gods_will_fall_splash Gods Will Fall - PlayStation 4 Review

This game is both a dungeon crawler and a boss smasher, but the difficulty comes from RNG. All runs will be different from each other as you'll find yourself controlling different characters with different stats, weapons, skills, etc. Oh, and the number and type of enemies of each dungeon will change, too.

Gods Will Fall features a simple concept that, in theory, could offer you hundreds of hours of fun... but, for that to happen, the game made a lot of compromises. How well do you tolerate repetitiveness?


gods_will_fall_splash Gods Will Fall - PlayStation 4 Review
From a graphical perspective, Gods Will Fall is an okay game... but that's it. We appreciate the fact that all dungeons look and feel unique, and honestly, we love the art style. However, several things in this game look quite generic, which we find unfortunate. For example, it could use more varied enemies, as you generally fight the same 3-4 monsters over and over again until you reach the final stage and face the dungeon boss. Truth be told, there are a lot of monsters you only see when you visit a harder version of the same dungeon in a different playthrough... but we bet some players won't even see them unless RNG plays its part.

As for the animations, it's most of the same. Some look weird, some others are okay... but there's really nothing to highlight.

Sound, Music

gods_will_fall_splash Gods Will Fall - PlayStation 4 Review
Gods Will Fall's OST consists of tribal music (many drums, deep bass, occasional screams and horns to build up the tension, etc.) associated with each dungeon, but that's not what stands out the most. These tracks only play when you're inside a dungeon, at a rather low volume, so they don't clash with the voices and sound effects. Gods Will Fall does a splendid job at creating the perfect atmospheres; for example, we love the sound of the ocean and seagulls when you're near the coast of the island, a nice contrast to what lies inside the dungeons.

The most relevant part of the game is, by leaps and bounds, the voice acting. Gods Will Fall uses a fictional language, which reinforces the idea of you as a spectator of an epic tale that unfolds before your eyes. Maybe this game lacks an engaging plot development, but music and dialogue are arguably the most accomplished aspects of the game.


gods_will_fall_splash Gods Will Fall - PlayStation 4 Review
Ages ago, 10 mighty gods joined forces and created everything we know, including life itself. In exchange for their prowess, the gods claimed to be venerated, so the faithful inhabitants of the newly created world pledged to give offerings in gratitude. However, the gods became more and more demanding, punishing their worshipers in the cruelest ways. Tired of the unfair situation, people turned against the gods and a legion of 10,000 warriors set sail for the island where the gods dwell, seeking revenge. But of the 10,000 rebellious men and women, only 8 managed to survive the tremendous storm that the wrath of the gods caused. Will this small group be able to put an end to the greedy gods?
gods_will_fall_splash Gods Will Fall - PlayStation 4 Review
While the premise of Gods Will Fall is an interesting one, it's just an excuse for its repetitive gameplay and RNG-based challenges. At first, you are captivated by the sound of it all, but after a few runs, you notice Gods Will Fall is a boss fighter with extra steps—and not the most enjoyable ones. The island (basically, the map area) looks beautiful, but you can only do so much there other than running to the next dungeon... once you enter a dungeon, you parry and slaughter your way to the final stage, where one of the ten gods will be waiting for you.

All warriors—which are randomly generated at the start of the game—have 4 stats: vigor (aka each chunk of their health bar), starting vigor, strength and speed. Some of them also have special skills, such as dealing extra damage at low health or a chance for double heals. Every time you kill a god, they learn a new skill or improve their stats, but interactions are also important for that matter. Some characters will see a boost in their stats if a friend or lover is trapped inside a dungeon, while some of them will panic in front of a dungeon and see their stats reduced. All this is nice on paper, giving all heroes a personality and background... but it all becomes irrelevant so fast.

gods_will_fall_splash Gods Will Fall - PlayStation 4 Review
In one of our runs, a female warrior named Etain gained increased stats every time her lover Kearney was in danger, but the sole idea of coming back to him was enough to motivate her. We loved the concept and it definitely made both Etain and Kearney more important to us, but it also made the rest of our team feel worthless. You see, the core mechanic is that once a warrior enters a dungeon, they can only go out after defeating the god. If they are defeated in combat, you can send another warrior to kill the god and save their ally; if your second warrior also falls in combat, you just need to repeat the process until you either kill the god and save them or see them all perish.

For this reason, a foolproof strategy would be to force your weakest warrior to explore a dungeon and only once you're confident enough, sending your strongest hero to kill the god, saving the explorer's soul. If it's too difficult, you just move on to another dungeon and try the same strategy with another expendable member of your party. One thing we noticed is that spears are excellent for keeping your distance while maces deal massive damage despite them being slower, but not all weapons are equally useful or balanced.

Timing your attacks, as well as parrying, are crucial parts of Gods Will Fall's technical gameplay. By killing enemies and fending attacks, you can generate bloodlust and heal yourself by performing a battle cry, so careless players will be punished. Another incentive for killing the gods' minions is reducing their total health, making the boss fights a little easier. Regardless, there's only one difficulty level in this game, and given how unbalanced some things are, it's hard to say if it's either too easy or too difficult. On the one hand, recognizing cues and finding the perfect moment to attack is not that troublesome, but casual and inexperienced players will definitely have a hard time dealing with the loss of their best warriors because of clunky animations and unfair situations.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

gods_will_fall_splash Gods Will Fall - PlayStation 4 Review
Gods Will Fall depends too much on repetitiveness and luck, but it's quite fun if you are not that nitpicky. Just take your time to enjoy the journey and explore your characters' relationships! All that being said, yeah... you can finish it in a few hours if you're skilled enough and have some experience in this kind of games, and Gods Will Fall does little to nothing to encourage you to try different strategies.

It's a good game, and it will give you several hours of fun and frustration, but it isn't hard to see that it could be way better if both the narrative and the gameplay were bolder. It's literally up to the player to make the best out of this premise, yet that doesn't sound like the best design decision...

Honey's Pros:

  • Simple yet challenging gameplay.
  • Randomly generated warriors, rewards and monsters give you some replayability value—theoretically, at least.

Honey's Cons:

  • Difficulty depends on your luck, not your skills.
  • Not all weapons are equally good, and not all characters are equally useful...
  • Exploring these dungeons is pointless, and killing the gods is your only objective.

Honey's Final Verdict:

There's no doubt a lot of people will enjoy Gods Will Fall's gameplay but, in our case, we found it too flawed to be meaningful, especially because killing the gods doesn't feel rewarding enough in terms of improved stats or weapons. We think it would be so much better with just some little adjustments, like looting god-themed weapons or adding more enemies and incentives to exploration.

What do you think about Gods Will Fall? Is it worth your time and money? Let us know in the comments!

gods_will_fall_splash Gods Will Fall - PlayStation 4 Review


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