Gra-P and Rodeo 2nd Season - Summer & Fall 2016

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Gra-P & Rodeo 2nd Season

Comedy, Music

Airing Date:
July 1, 2016

Lantis & Pie in the Sky

Honey’s Highlights

honey-happy4 Gra-P and Rodeo 2nd Season - Summer & Fall 2016
This is the anime for anyone who has ever had a dream of being a musician but knows that it takes work!
honey-happy4 Gra-P and Rodeo 2nd Season - Summer & Fall 2016
Ahhhh this is getting a second season as well huh? This is that anime that follows a boy who wants to be as famous as GRANRODEO right?
honey-happy4 Gra-P and Rodeo 2nd Season - Summer & Fall 2016
is GRANRODEO relevant?
honey-happy4 Gra-P and Rodeo 2nd Season - Summer & Fall 2016
They did perform the Bungou Stray Dogs First season OP, so they must be somewhat relevant!

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Your average everyday High School student, Rodeo, wants to become a rockstar! Suddenly, right before Rodeo's very own eyes, music producer from the future Gra-P appears! As he currently is with the help of Gra-P, can Rodeo become a famous artist like GRANRODEO!?

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Kishio Taniyama

Rodeo is a first year high school student who wants to become a famous rockstar like GRANRODEO. He's the straight man, but he is also honest. He begrudingly follows the rules that Gra-P sets forth as a producer. Gra-P praises him often telling him 'You have talent as a vocalist.'


Voice Actor: Hiroki Konno

Gra-P is a self-professed music producer from the future. He is a human but due to travelling through time and the time warp, his form has been altered. With the producer cardigan tied around his neck, he can fly through the sky.


Voice Actor: Hikarigoke Katayama

Friendly and boyish in nature, Tanpan is Rodeo's friend. He is nicknamed 'Tanpan', but he absolutely never wears shorts.


Voice Actor: Hiroki Konno

Even if he is pudgy, his personality is that of a good-looking guy. Don't let his looks fool you, he's not in the sumo club, but the basketball club!


Voice Actor: Aya Saitou


Main Staff
  • Director: Taketo Shinkai
  • Script: Taketo Shikai
  • Original Illustrator: JUN OSON

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