Grand Summoners KILL la KILL Crossover - Android Review

Unlikely Heroes Meet

Game Info:

  • System: Android, iOS
  • Publisher: Good Smile Company
  • Developer: Good Smile Company
  • Release Date: Februrary, 2018
  • Price: Free
  • Rating: NR
  • Genre: RPG
  • Players: 1

Who it Caters to

Grand Summoners already has been rising in the mobile JRPG world thanks to some amazing content and a recent Golden Kamuy crossover that was a ton of fun to join in on. Though it seems for Good Smile Company—the publisher and developers of Grand Summoners—that this wasn’t enough.

Once more, Good Smile Company has joined forces with the anime world and has now released a new crossover event using the heroines from KILL la KILL! Is this new event worth your precious gaming time though? Sit down—or stand—and continue downward to see what to expect with Grand Summoners’ KILL la KILL crossover event and what our thoughts are on the

What to Expect

GS-2-Grand-Summoners-Kill-la-Kill-Crossover-capture-292x500 Grand Summoners KILL la KILL Crossover - Android Review
Grand Summoners’ KILL la KILL crossover event takes the world of Grand Summoners and has several of the warriors from KILL la KILL come invading in. Players will get to play several new story-based missions that have our female heroines coming into the fray to face down a new threat that has invaded the Grand Summoners’ world.

Grand Summoners also allows its users to obtain KILL la KILL gear and characters to create new team combinations! You might wonder if there is a price tag for all this new content and we can’t blame you as it sounds like there should be. Thankfully, just like the Golden Kamuy event, KILL la KILL’s crossover event is completely free and will automatically be downloaded to your mobile device upon booting up Grand Summoners! Whether you’re a long time player of Grand Summoners or just getting into it, this KILL la KILL crossover greatness will be sure to give you some incentive on downloading Grand Summoners today before the event is gone!


GS-2-Grand-Summoners-Kill-la-Kill-Crossover-capture-292x500 Grand Summoners KILL la KILL Crossover - Android Review
The world of Grand Summoners is rarely calm but with this new event things are about to get a bit more…loud. Several girls from KILL la KILL’s world have been mysteriously summoned to Rakthelm and now must join forces to stop a powerful new enemy.

Can these new warriors help defeat the new threat known as Life Fibers before things get too out of hand for Rayas and his friends? Find out as the world of Rakthelm shakes in Grand Summoners’ latest event featuring the explosive KILL la KILL anime series!


GS-2-Grand-Summoners-Kill-la-Kill-Crossover-capture-292x500 Grand Summoners KILL la KILL Crossover - Android Review
Grand Summoners, several months ago in the summer, had a rather surprising event occur that had Golden Kamuy characters appear and we were blown away by how cool the whole experience was ultimately. We here at Honey’s Anime had hoped that Good Smile Company would continue this anime themed crossover concept and we were blessed by a new crossover appearing only a few weeks after Golden Kamuy’s finished in the form of KILL la KILL! We immediately sat our butts down, downloaded the event and began playing for what seemed like days to truly see if this KILL la KILL crossover was proof that we need more like it for Grand Summoners. Did the event do what we wanted and more? Let us find out as we review Grand Summoners’ KILL la KILL crossover event!

In case you’re a newcomer to Grand Summoners, lets give you a quick refresh of what to expect. Grand Summoners is a JRPG with a focus on summoning various heroes and adding them to your team to create the ultimate fighting force. Players then take their teams of warriors and enter 2D real time battles where they must constantly unleash special attacks and arts on their enemies to keep the pressure on them and keep your team alive. Like other games in the same guise, Grand Summoners keeps the player coming back with daily rewards for logging in, missions to complete for various materials to upgrade your team and the chance to earn crystals to use for a gacha game to get more new team members for your squad.

With that being said, the KILL la KILL crossover event doesn’t change the formula seen in Grand Summoners much but does add some rather neat new features. With several new story missions focused entirely on introducing Rayas with the girls from KILL la KILL—Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuuin and Mako Mankanshoku—players get to enjoy a rather silly crossover that is fun and entertaining. These new missions start off ridiculously easy to kind of ease newcomers into Grand Summoners—which is a good idea—but quickly become brutal and will only be truly doable by a strong team.

Mako Mankanshoku

Satsuki Kiryuuin

Ryuko Matoi

What’s even more exciting about this crossover though is that you can obtain several of the KILL la KILL girls and add them to your arsenal as well as obtain some of their iconic weapons to equip to your units. The whole KILL la KILL crossover experience won’t take hundreds of hours to complete—roughly around several depending on your team’s rank and such—but with the hopes of getting the girls for your team, you should expect a lot of daily log ins and play sessions to earn some needed crystals!

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

GS-2-Grand-Summoners-Kill-la-Kill-Crossover-capture-292x500 Grand Summoners KILL la KILL Crossover - Android Review
Grand Summoners has really been doing some amazing things with these last few crossovers but the KILL la KILL one has been a real treat. While the event itself doesn’t take a long time to beat, there are plenty of reasons to keep signing in for crystals and such to hopefully earn enough to roll for one of the several KILL la KILL characters to add to your team.

We hope Good Smile Company can continue to push out even more crossovers from our favorite anime series—the possibilities are literally endless—but for now, you have up to almost sixty more days of playing Grand Summoners’ KILL la KILL crossover! What are you waiting for, folks? Grand Summoners is completely free to play as well as this crossover event so there’s nothing to lose but some precious time as you get addicted to Grand Summoners even more.

Honey's Pros:

  • Silly story featuring girls from KILL la KILL like Ryuuko Matoi and Mako Mankanshoku
  • Several fun missions that range from extremely easy to brutally tough
  • New equipment to unlock to deck out your warriors in some KILL la KILL gearNew equipment to unlock to deck out your warriors in some KILL la KILL gear
  • Several variants of the girls can be unlocked for your team and each looks to be quite powerful
  • Completely free crossover update so you won’t lose a single dime playing

Honey's Cons:

  • We wish the event was a tad longer or there were a bit more characters from KILL la KILL thrown in for good measure

Honey's Final Verdict:

GS-2-Grand-Summoners-Kill-la-Kill-Crossover-capture-292x500 Grand Summoners KILL la KILL Crossover - Android Review
Grand Summoners: KILL la KILL crossover event is, so far, just as cool—and impressive—as the Golden Kamuy one released only a few months ago. Just seeing that Good Smile Company is willing to infuse into their fantasy RPG title some familiar anime characters in the form of one of the best anime series ever stands as an example to other developers. Plus, this nice crossover update gives us even more reasons to get re-addicted to Grand Summoners and might help some newcomers find a new title to download to their mobile devices of choice.

Are you currently playing the KILL la KILL crossover event for Grand Summoners or plan to after reading our review? Comment down below so we can talk to you guys and girls about your experience with Grand Summoners and what you’re loving about this epic collision of worlds! For more game reviews and gaming related articles, be sure to keep stuck to our amazing hive here at Honey’s Anime!

GS-2-Grand-Summoners-Kill-la-Kill-Crossover-capture-292x500 Grand Summoners KILL la KILL Crossover - Android Review


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