Gravity Defying Simplicity in Gravity Chase

gravity_chase_splash Gravity Defying Simplicity in Gravity Chase

Wipeout, the defining anti-gravity racing game series has been out for 17 years and has prominently shown how fun racing on tracks that defied the laws of physics could be. Repixel8 seems to have a lot of love for Wipeout and have developed Gravity Chase, which feels, looks, and almost plays like the Wipeout games. However, can this small developer rise to the level of developer Psygnosis and show Wipeout has some competition? Let’s find out in our look at Gravity Chase!

Get In and Drive

Many racing games have tons of tutorials, menus, and pages of information to get through before you can dive right into the race. Gravity Chase goes against that newest theme and just has players go head-first into the action. You can have up to four players—yes, this has couch co-op—join and play from the various maps you have. We love Gravity Chase isn’t trying to be over the top. It knows you want to race and doesn’t make you wait long for that adrenaline action to begin!

Lots to Do and Unlock!

We were surprised to see that Gravity Chase has a lot to unlock! There are dozens of maps to unlock and various upgrades for the 12+ ships you can choose from. Regardless of the race type you choose—more on those in a second—you will earn points to get those upgrades with each race you compete in. Luckily, with several race variations, getting those new maps won’t feel like a chore.

Gravity Chase has not only a nice variety in tracks but also in-game modes. There are three modes you can choose from. The simple Arcade for that classic race feel, combat which has you trying to destroy other racers, and Elimination, which is our personal favorite. In elimination, players will need to keep trying to stay out of last place. After 30 seconds, whoever is dead last gets blown to smithereens, and the excitement of trying to pull ahead of your enemies is just so satisfying. Overall, all three modes are playable on all tracks, making for some exciting races with friends or against the AI.

Can we Have the Soundtrack…PLEASE!?

Gravity Chase’s soundtrack is hands down one of our new favorite racing OSTs as the tunes are almost all amazing. From electronica to intense rock, there was never a song that didn’t fit the fast-paced racing experience of Gravity Chase. Seriously, we need a soundtrack as this will become our new driving music on a daily basis.

Racing Can be a bit too Chaotic

gravity_chase_splash Gravity Defying Simplicity in Gravity Chase

A mild complaint of ours is the tracks can be a bit too hard to stay on while playing. There are moments where we were spinning around the tunnels, and trying to regain control took a significant amount of time to accomplish. Driving can be a bit too floaty, but it’s understandable with a zero-gravity-type racing game like Gravity Chase.

Final Thoughts

Gravity Chase might be very simple in design, but the gameplay is fun, frantic, and pretty solid! While it might not become the next Wipeout franchise, we can see Gravity Chase getting a lot of love from zero-gravity racing fans! Are you going to be downloading Gravity Chase when it releases? Comment below to let us know, and be sure to keep stuck to our gravity-defying hive here at Honey’s Anime for even more game-related articles!

gravity_chase_splash Gravity Defying Simplicity in Gravity Chase


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