Grimoire: Manastorm, Coming October 26

What You Need to Know:

  • Leave the vulgarity of guns and grenades to the ruffians, and conjure the elements to be your weapons. A free, multiplayer FPS of spell-slinging wizards, Grimoire: Manastorm leaves Early Access on October 26th, with opportunities for bonus XP before launch.
  • Grimoire: Manastorm is a free, multiplayer FPS in which powerful wizards battle for territory and prestige. Choose your class of magic, customize your spell book with dozens of abilities, and prove yourself worthy of the Grimoire's power in battles as cunning as they are fierce.
  • Grimoire: Manastorm features six classes to master and thousands of possible spell loadouts. Battle for supremacy in two multiplayer modes across 12 medieval-inspired settings, or go solo to protect the people of Orinfell. You can get a pre-launch boost with a 25% XP bonuses by downloading the Early Access release of Grimoire: Manastorm now. We'll list the specific times as to when you can receive these bonuses down below.

Source: Official Press Release

Time Schedule

Tuesdays - 6pm PDT / 3am CEST (Wednesday)

Wednesdays- 6pm PDT / 3am CEST (Thursday)

Thursdays - 12pm PDT / 9pm CEST

Saturdays - 12pm PDT / 9pm CEST

Official Trailer

Grimoire: Manastorm Free-To-Play Trailer

honeys anime character
Pew Pew! Shoot my enemies down with the mighty elements!

honeys anime character
This is why I always love mages in games, they're always so powerful.