Gun Gun Pixies - Nintendo Switch Review

Gun-Gun-Pixies-SS-1-560x315 Gun Gun Pixies - Nintendo Switch Review

Mister Mosquito has a new rival.

  • System: Nintendo Switch
  • Publisher: PQube
  • Developer: Compile Heart, Idea Factory
  • Release Date: September 10, 2019

Who it Caters to

Gun-Gun-Pixies-SS-1-560x315 Gun Gun Pixies - Nintendo Switch Review
Back in the PlayStation 2 era a little game known as Mister Mosquito made its way onto store shelves. The game focused primarily on you taking control of Mister Mosquito and annoying the living hell out of the people in the game, by trying to suck their blood to ensure your survival. Throughout the course of the game, you’d be traversing around the Yamada family household desperately seeking out whatever victim you can find before the timer runs out. If you’re not careful with how you move around you’ll alert the human and eventually fail the mission. So what’s the point of all this? Well Gun Gun Pixies, the latest erotic action title from Idea Factory and Compile Heart sings a similar tune, where you play the role of two miniature pixies learning about human existence. What’s their role? Very much like Mister Mosquito, to “learn” about humans in order to save themselves and their own planet from danger.

What to Expect

Gun-Gun-Pixies-SS-1-560x315 Gun Gun Pixies - Nintendo Switch Review
Much like any third-person shooter title, Gun Gun Pixies is all about the action along with a pinch of eroticism to entice players to annoy the humans in-game. While you’re not necessarily buzzing around in search of blood, both Kame Pon and Bee Tan must pester the humans that live within the school dorm in order to develop a better understanding of their behaviors. So throughout the game you’ll run around frantically trying to avoid being alerted while at the same time, shooting at specific body parts in order to stimulate the human. The more body parts you can shoot and reach 100% the more erotic the game becomes, as expressions become more intense, clothing is removed, and the jiggling of breasts ensue. Both girls will use “Happy Bullets” which help to infuse the girls in the dorm with positive effects and throughout the game, players can partake in various gameplay modes such as Search & Combat, Pacification, and Bathing. All of these come with different objectives so it’s encouraged to try all of them to see all that unfolds!


Gun-Gun-Pixies-SS-1-560x315 Gun Gun Pixies - Nintendo Switch Review
Gun Gun Pixies uses the typical Idea Factory/Compile Heart visual formula, which is usually very anime-influenced and quite ecchi in many ways. During dialogue cutscenes, all of the girls in the dorm express themselves distinctly, some more than others. Some parts of the body seem to have more life than the actual characters themselves, bouncing and moving around freely without any care. This, of course, adds value to the gameplay because in the end much of the gameplay is trying to essentially provoke the girls into performing some sort of sexual behavior whether it be moaning, or some other perverse maneuver. Stage designs are quite colorful and help to bring the game to life in a good way, with every location being very bright and expressive.

Sound, Music

Gun-Gun-Pixies-SS-1-560x315 Gun Gun Pixies - Nintendo Switch Review
Gun Gun Pixies’ music isn’t necessarily the greatest but it’s not the worst either. A lot of it really just compliments the wild and oftentimes goofy moments that you’ll experience while playing through the game. Much of the music is straightforward and doesn’t really get in the way of gameplay, and the sound effects aren’t too enthusing either. It’s by no means terrible but we feel the entire aim of the game is to have players focus their attention on all of the sexual innuendos and so the sound department is quite bland.


Gun-Gun-Pixies-SS-1-560x315 Gun Gun Pixies - Nintendo Switch Review
Just as we mentioned earlier, Gun Gun Pixies is all about you taking control of two female characters, and pretty much pester the living heck out of the girls in the school dormitory. Bee Tan is almost always in this constant state of arousal and Kame Pon -- while at first glance seems pretty level headed -- is quite the sex maniac herself. So your mission is to gather intel by sneaking into the rooms of girls, climbing up their furniture and use their guns to search for hidden objects in order to progress in their adventure. When you find yourself close-by a target all that’s needed are a few Happy Bullets to the chest and crotch to provoke a sexual response, and then it’s simply just a rinse and repeat measure. This is of course where Gun Gun Pixies begins to spiral into problems because while the overall idea of the game is fun, the way in which it performs while actually playing is a totally different story all on its own.

For starters, the game suffers severely from poor camera controls, so much so that it becomes increasingly difficult to adjust your aim in order to even shoot the girls around you. It’s so sensitive that just a slight tap on the analog stick and the camera completely diverts away from the target. Pair this with the very static movement of the characters on screen and you have a game that just doesn’t perform up to standard. Trying to jump from one staircase to another is a tedious job and once you do finally ascend to the top in order to gather more intel on these unsuspecting targets, more problems ensue. One is that well, the girls themselves don’t really react as seriously as we had expected and so ultimately, you’re left with quite a boring experience. Usually, when you shoot your Happy Bullets too close to the target the meter tends to increase to alert you and encourages you to move away to find a good hiding spot. However, that wasn’t always the case as there were times that we would stand directly in front of the target, shoot them multiple times and not once be alerted. This inconsistency is what really sapped the fun out of the game because you were never really too sure whether the alert would go off or not.

Gun-Gun-Pixies-SS-1-560x315 Gun Gun Pixies - Nintendo Switch Review
To combat being spotted, each girl is able to strip themselves down in order to decrease the alert meter. This feature was fun to use at times but after a while, it really didn’t sell as much in the end. Pacification is perhaps the most intriguing and fun aspect of Gun Gun Pixies because it acts as somewhat of a boss battle where you need to focus on specific parts of the body until you’re able to trigger an endorphin explosion, where intense moaning ensues. This then leads you to the Bathing aspect of the game which acts as a bonus stage, where the whole time you get to watch a girl take a sexy bath and earn Picoins. These Picoins can be used to purchase better equipment and interesting things like x-ray vision which rewards you with being able to see through everyone’s clothes just about anytime.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

Gun-Gun-Pixies-SS-1-560x315 Gun Gun Pixies - Nintendo Switch Review
So with all of that being said, is Gun Gun Pixies worth all of the ecchi scenes and happy times? Well yes and no. Yes because in spite of its shortcomings, it's a game that helps to pass the time and provides some form of entertainment to stimulate your senses. It’s not a very long game so players can jump in and play in small spurts just to get a kick out of things, then move onto something else. On the other hand, Gun Gun Pixies just feels stiff and if you’re looking for an action game that’s well...full of action, then Gun Gun Pixies isn’t really going to fill that gap in any significant way. After a few hours, you’ll most likely just call it a day and move on or grow frustrated over how sloppy the controls can be at times, especially when traversing from one platform to the other.

Honey's Pros:

  • Shooting dorm girls in their netherregions and seeing them scream and moan is always entertaining.
  • The dialogue is goofy and provides a comical flare to the gameplay.
  • Stage and character designs are nice, plus all of the panty shots!

Honey's Cons:

  • What really ruins the game are just the really spotty controls, poor camera options and lack of overall freedom.
  • The gameplay will start to grow boring after a while since the girls will just recycle the same expressions.

Honey's Final Verdict:

In the end, Gun Gun Pixies serves its purpose as being a wild and crazy ecchi shooter but doesn’t really leave a lasting impression for us to deem it a noteworthy title. Idea Factory and Compile Heart have always entertained us with their Neptunia series, but sadly Gun Gun Pixies just didn’t seem to impress us all that much. Granted the game did come out on the Vita back in 2017 and so perhaps we’re just seeing the results of a dated title, but nevertheless, Gun Gun Pixies ran out of Happy Bullets too fast for us. Be sure to check out our other reviews and leave your comments below!
Gun-Gun-Pixies-SS-1-560x315 Gun Gun Pixies - Nintendo Switch Review


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