Gundam: G no Reconguista Episode 9 Review

[English Name: Gundam: Reconguista in G]

Japanese Otaku's Discussion on Ep 9 [CONTAINS SPOILERS]

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reconguista-in-g-dvd-225x350 Gundam: G no Reconguista Episode 9 Review
Isn't Alcane better if they make it unmanned?
Masked characters always lose.
That religion is to make earthnoids easy to manage? Shallowness of Bellri and others in thinking things is because of it?
What was sorry in this ep was that Mask damped Elf Bullock so fast and did "I can fly." He paid a big effort to return home in the last episode, LOL.
In mecha anime, the protagonist basically wins in all battles. They only lose in a few setback episodes.
The girl named Barara Peol is cute. She looks like Haman.
Bellri is not a real son of that mother? You guys don't mention about it many times but I think it's an important plot.
The princess said "What?" to the protagonist because he was looking at her thinking she is pretty? Nored noticed it and sticked out her tongue?
Seeing how Mask got beaten, I feel like he will beat the protagonist at the end.
Mask looks he gonna do Kuntara Revolution!