Haifuri Announces Anime Movie!

What You Need to Know:

  • After teasing that the only way we were getting more of our favorite admiral loli school girls was if the OVAs sold, nothing really happened. Then, out of nowhere yesterday, it was announced that Haifuri (High School Fleet) will be getting an anime movie!
  • At an event held for Haifuri, it was announced that production studios would also change and A-1 Pictures will now be animating the movie. The TV series was animated by Production IMS, who has recently been called out on twitter for still not paying the animators for their work on it, so that is most likely the reason that production shifted to A-1 Pictures.
  • At the event, the comittee also announced that the series would be adapted for pachiko slot machines as well in Japan. More information will be coming in the future, so stay tuned for updates!

High-School-Fleet-OVA-dvd-355x500 Haifuri Announces Anime Movie!
I just knew that good news was coming about haifuri!
High-School-Fleet-OVA-dvd-355x500 Haifuri Announces Anime Movie!
Please make it a sequel to the series!