Haifuri The Movie

Haifuri-The-Movie- Haifuri The Movie

Haifuri-The-Movie- Haifuri The Movie

Haifuri The Movie


Action, Military, School

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In the sea we live, the sea we protect, and by the sea, we go――
That's Blue Mermaid!
Akeno Misaki becomes the captain of the destroyer "Harekaze" after entering Yokosuka Girls' Marine School as she adored the job that protects the safety of the sea, "Blue Mermaid", and participates in the sea practical lesson with her classmate.

It was supposed to be a safe voyage to the destination as it only involved moving the ship, but what awaited the girls are numerous challenges. After overcoming the numerous difficulties such as the sudden fire from the instructorship, battle with the berserk students of other ships and performing rescue action from an SOS, they return back to land with their relationship becoming much stronger.

One month after that incident, a new pinch visited the members of Harekaze while they enjoyed themselves after the exam. That trouble is the disband of Harekaze class. The Harekaze members, while being nervous, become one again to stop the disbandment of the class which leads to a stronger bond.

Then, three months after the disbandment of the Harekaze class──
In Yokosuka, the students from all the Girl’s Marine High School (including Kurem, Maizuru, and Sasebo) come together to hold a cultural and sports festival called “Competing Game Gathering.” Akeno and the other Harukaze members are busy preparing the welcome party. The large battleship class which is Yamato, Shinano, Kii, and others were also gathered. A new “pinch” is closing in on the girls while they are in the midst of the performance and competition…

Characters & Voice Actors

Akeno Misaki: Shiina Natsukawa

The protagonist of this series, captain of "Harekaze", and also an executive of the class. She is 15 years old and is called "Captain" among the "Harekaze" members but her childhood friend, Moeka calls her "Mike-chan". Both her parents who were the employees of the Maritime Safety Bureau passed away during a maritime accident when she was young and she was also saved by the Blue Mermaid at that time. After that, she met Moeka at Kurem's orphanage and both of them strived to create Blue Mermaid together.
Mashiro Munetani: Lynn

The vice-captain of "Harekaze" and the third daughter of the Munetani Family that had produced various historical Blue Mermaid members.
Moeka China: Sora Amamiya

The captain of "Musashi". Her nickname is "Moka-chan". She is Akeno's childhood friend and also Akeno's best friend in Kurem's orphanage, they swore to become the Blue Mermaid together.

Other TitleHigh School Fleet
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Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Free Turn by TrySail
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Takaaki Suzuki
  • Director: Yuu Nobuta
  • Character Design: Naoto Nakamura
  • Sound Director: Hiroto Morishita
  • Original Illustrator: Atto

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Haifuri-The-Movie- Haifuri The Movie
Haifuri-The-Movie- Haifuri The Movie
Haifuri-The-Movie- Haifuri The Movie
Haifuri-The-Movie- Haifuri The Movie

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