Hatena Illusion

HatenaIllusion Hatena Illusion

HatenaIllusion Hatena Illusion

Hatena Illusion

School, Battle

Airing Date:
2020 Winter

Children’s Playground Entertainment

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Shiranui Makoto, a boy who wants to give people hope as a magician, visits Hoshisato House to become a live-in apprentice of Hoshisato Mamoru, who is the friend of his parents and also a worldwide magician. He met Hoshisato Kana, his childhood friend and who is known as "Hatena"...
Makoto is not nervous during his busy life in Tokyo because Hatena is with him, although a beautiful female thief was causing a stir in the society.
At Hoshisato house, also known as the haunted house, Makoto is welcomed by the butler Jeeves along with maid Ema, and meets again with Hatena.
Hatena also welcomes him in wholeheartedly, but somehow their conversation doesn't end smoothly, and at the last...!?

Characters & Voice Actors

Kana Hoshisato / Hatena: Aina Suzuki

She is the main heroine of the story, and is 1st year in middle school (12 years old). Her nickname is "Hatena", and is the daughter of Hoshisato family. She lives in the big house also known as the haunted house with her younger sister, the butler Jeeves and maid Ema. She looks like a calm, well educated maiden, but she is a person "who is always at the risk of getting involved in danger", because she is clumsy, careless, and a natural air-head. She curses the gods for making her inherit the black hair of her father, instead of the blond hair of her mother. She ties her hair in two folds when she acts as "Thief Hatena".
Makoto Shiranui: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Makoto is the protagonist of the story, and is a 1st year at middle school. He moves to Tokyo at the beginning of the middle school, after knowing that there is a world-class magician, who is also the friend of his parents, lives in Tokyo. He teaches himself close up magic, and has little confidents of tricks with cards. He is a hard-worker and an optimistic person. He cannot ignore others who find themselves in trouble, but is considered a jack of all trades and master of none. Being short is his complex. After learning the situation that Hoshisato family is in and thinking what he can do for them, he makes the debut as "Thief Hatena" together with Kana in order to takes back the artifact.
Yumemi Hoshisato: Miyu Tomita

Kane's sister and a primary school student. She is a very beautiful doll-like girl that looks a lot like her mother, Maeve. She is extremely shy, bad at talking, and has social phobia. She is like a lion in house and a mouse outside, and is similar with Kana "risk of getting into danger" but in a different manner. She has a frail body which caused her to be absent from school and if her childhood friend doesn't visit her, she will sleep immediately. Despite that she excels in her academics and is more knowledgeable about the society than Kana. It seems that she enjoys the Internet and games, as she's always holed up in her room.
Ema Sakurai: M・A・O

She is the maid who takes care of Kana, and also the 3rd year at the same middle school as Kana (15 years old). She is a popular girl at the middle school, because of her un-Japanese like appearance. When she was worried about Kana being by herself, Makoto moved to Tokyo and she agrees with him about attending the same school as Kana.. Makoto thinks of her as the trustworthy adviser and also the problematic boss.
Jeeves Wodehouse: Takashi Matsuyama

He is the gentleman over the hill who works for Hoshisato family. He teaches Makoto, who begins to live in the Hoshisato family home as the butler trainee. His black tailcoat, a pair of white gloves, neatly-set hair, and polite attitude makes others believe he is the true butler.
Kokomi Kikyouin: Sumire Uesaka

She is 1st year at the middle school. She is the childhood friend of Kana and the oldest child of Kikyouin family, who became rich by controlling the industry behind Hoshisato family, who became rich as a magician. She partly learns about the artifact from her father, who controls the underworld, but a faithful man. She is a kind girl, although sometimes evilness appears, thinks the protagonist as her rival, and sometimes likes him.
Mariah Grene: Arai Satomi

She is the agent in 20's hired as the guard of Kokomi. She is not with Kokomi for a long time, but is a fantastic agent who makes any wish of Kokomi come true. She is actually the sister of Maeve (the aunt of Kana and Yumi), and works alongside the Kikyouin family to sneak into Hoshisato family. She attempts to retrieve the artifact called "The Emblem of the Stars", which Maeve inherited from her family.
Mamoru Hoshisato: Yoshimasa Hosoya

He is the father of Kana and Yumi. He is a world-class magician, but he cannot do any magic. As the consequence for taking away Kana's mother away from her family after big romance, mysterious incidents starts to happen around him. He becomes popular as a great magician by calling those incidents his magic. He is so troublesome that Maeve cannot leave him alone, but shows his love for his family by taking risks when his family is in trouble.
Maeve Hoshisato: Yoshino Nanjo

She is the mother of Kana and Yumi. She is a rare wizard and also the "Crafter", who can create the "artifact", a tool with magical powers. Every tool that she creates with love turns into the magical tool. When she does not agree with her mother on the way to handling the artifact, she falls in love with Mamoru, and leaves her home for Japan. While working together with the world-class magician Mamoru, she is collecting the artifacts as the "Thief Maeve". Her whereabouts is currently unknown..

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Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Magic Words by Liyuu
  • Ending Song: Hikari Iro no Uta by Aina Suzuki
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Tomohiro Matsu
  • Director: Shin Matsuo
  • Series Composition: Tatsuya Takahashi
  • Character Design: Ruizu Nakano
  • Sound Director: Masakatsu Omuro
  • Music: Kenichi Kuroda
  • Illustrator: Kentaro Yabuki

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HatenaIllusion Hatena Illusion
HatenaIllusion Hatena Illusion
HatenaIllusion Hatena Illusion
HatenaIllusion Hatena Illusion

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