Heat and Run is a BL Version of Romeo and Juliette

As old as it might be, the tale of a forbidden love always attracts people. The angst, the uncertainty, all the questions and doubts surrounding the main couple… Heat and Run, the story created by Hong Ssona, keeps us hooked, wanting to know what’s going to happen with the main couple. Will they be able to finally tell their parents that they’re together? Is there a happy ending waiting for them? By the end of this manhwa we hope to get some answers!

When Families Don’t Get Along…

Jaeho and Ian have been enemies ever since they were young—their families don’t get along, so it’s only natural for them to follow their steps. The problem is they can’t really avoid each other because they’re neighbours, so Jaeho and Ian are forced to see each other on a regular basis. Things only get worse when Ian’s younger brother, Jihwan, falls in love with Jaeho’s younger brother, Miho. They both have a soft spot for their younger siblings, so they swear not to tell their families. Instead, Ian and Jaeho help the lovers meet in secret every time they can. Eventually, Jaeho and Ian develop a strange friendship that lasts until their last day in high school. When Jaeho moves to the United States, Ian can’t forget about his friend, but he moves on, not thinking much about it. However, when Ian is dragged to the States by Jihwan, his path unexpectedly crosses Jaeho’s and something shifts. What is going on?

The Alpha With Omega Pheromones

If you’re familiar with omegaverse stories, you’ll know that one of the tropes used by authors within this genre is having their characters get wrong results for their second gender examination. This is also Ian’s case: born in an alpha household, everyone expects him to be an alpha as well, so it doesn’t come as a surprise when his examination says exactly that. Except Ian doesn’t smell like anything. He doesn’t produce any kind of pheromone, so they all think he’s actually a beta.

After seeing Jaeho for the first time in years, something changes within Ian, and he starts feeling weird. It all looks like a common cold, but when Ian and Jaeho are finally alone, Ian’s pheromones go crazy and he realizes he’s an omega. It comes as a shock for Jaeho, who’s so drunk on Ian’s pheromones that he can’t help but pin him down on the bed. After that, things get a little bit steamy between these two. Once they sleep together, and after coming back to their senses, they both realize they’re meant to be together. The power of sex in BL stories!

Don’t Forget About The Side Couple!

Every story needs a side couple to help the plot move along. In Heat and Run we have Matthew, Jaeho’s friend, and Ha Young, a man working at the same office as him. At first, Matthew is interested in Ian, and he even tries to seduce him, but soon it’s obvious to him that Ian is only interested in Jaeho. He then starts hanging out with Ha Young, spending time together and helping him out with work.

Ha Young is a very simple omega: he sees a pretty face and he’s immediately in love. it’s no surprise he falls head over heels for Matthew, after all—the man is handsome! But he knows it’s not going to happen between them; they come from different backgrounds and Matthew needs someone different as a partner. As the story goes on, Matthew has some questionable attitudes towards Ha Young, but he quickly realizes his mistakes and fixes everything. They might only be a side couple, but they make Heat and Run a lot more enjoyable. The more couples we get to see having sex, the better for us. We’re clearly not going to complain!

Final Thoughts

Heat and Run take us on a journey through different emotions, while introducing us to different couples and different ways to fall in love. There’s the fated couple, the one who has to go through a lot of hardships to be together, and the one that’s been together since forever. To make the journey even more pleasing, this manhwa has really nice art and the men in it are smoking hot. Even the women who show up briefly are hot! This manhwa has everything we need and more, so how about giving it a try?

Heat-and-Run Heat and Run is a BL Version of Romeo and Juliette

Author: Yaz L.

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