Heir of Light x Sweet Home Collaboration Announced

HeirofLight_5.6update_sweethome_landscape-560x260 Heir of Light x Sweet Home Collaboration Announced

What You Need to Know:

  • GAMEVIL announced on April 13th that Heir of Light’s upcoming update will feature a special collaboration event with the popular Naver webtoon, Sweet Home.
  • The new update will include the popular Sweet Home characters, HyunSu Cha and Steroid Monster as 5 Star Servants. Similar to the original webtoon, HyunSu Cha is a Melee DPS Servant who uses his trusty electric spear from the webtoon to dish out damage that completely ignores enemy defenses. Steroid Monster is a Tank Servant that gains a substantial defense boost at low HP. The Light/Dark version of Steroid Monster also comes with the ability to negate debuffs that are on allies.
  • In addition, Party Raid and Instant Awakening will also see some changes. Players will now be able to climb up to the 9th Floor of Party Raid instead of the previous 5th Floor, and the mode itself will also feature new difficulty levels. Party Raid allows players to earn limited items such as Artifact Summon Stones and more as they play. As the floors become more challenging, the game will become more proactive in matching players with each other to tackle these new feats. Furthermore, Instant Awakening will now let players perform 4 Awakenings at once instead of 3 to speed up progression.
  • To celebrate the collaboration, Heir of Light will be holding a slew of events!
    • Logging in by the 10th of next month nets you a Water/Fire/Forest/Light/Dark New Servant Trial that lasts for 7 days as well as a Fire/Water/Forest 5-Star HyunSu Cha/Steroid Monster Select Summon. For existing players, Trial Servants are the same grade and Transcendence level as the highest 5-Star Servant that they own. For new players, Trial Servants will be of 5-Star grade, 5th Awakening, and 5th Transcendence. All players will be able to enjoy the excitement that these new Servants bring to the table.
    • The Special Event Dungeon will also be available. Players can obtain Torches and exchange them in the event page for 5-Star HyunSu Cha and 5-Star Steroid Monster Summon Stones of any element.
    • Lastly, players can also take part in the Growth Event titled “I'm from Sweet Home!” where they can earn rewards such as 5-Star Servants and Collaboration Servants for completing Transcendence, Awakening, and other growth-related missions.
  • Heir of Light is a collection-type RPG with a dark fantasy twist that invites players into a unique and antique-like world. With steady updates, the game has reached the hands of many users worldwide. For more information, please visit the official Heir of Light Community page.
  • Sweet Home is a South Korean apocalyptic horror webtoon first published on Naver Webtoon which was made into a television drama and was released as a popular Netflix series last December.

Source: Official Press Release

HeirofLight_5.6update_sweethome_landscape-560x260 Heir of Light x Sweet Home Collaboration Announced
Cool collaboration!
HeirofLight_5.6update_sweethome_landscape-560x260 Heir of Light x Sweet Home Collaboration Announced
The two worlds match up so well!