Henkei Shoujo Releases New Episode... Just... Just Watch It...

What You Need to Know:

  • Henkei Shoujo (Transforming Girl) is an ONA that is apparently about girls that can transform into various machines to accomplish tasks. Think of this as the very short, CG, cute girl, minor voicing needed, version of Transformers. The internet is an interesting thing.
  • So the series has just released episode 2 about these transforming girls. Each month they release a new episode and here at Honey's Anime we like to think that we have seen just about everything under the sun that Japan can produce. However this... this takes it to a new level of ~unique~.
  • Check out two videos below and be ready to have yourself say "what?". This is definitely a watch just to say you watched it. The best part too? There is very minimal speech, so you really only need to watch. Check both episodes out below.

Source: Official Website

honey's anime character
I was on board until the first girl has her chest shoot out like pillars and the second has her face split...

honey's anime character
This... is... different. C-c-come on Bee-kun. We can like this.
honey's anime character
She stole gas! Can I do that too?
honey's anime character
NO. MO-CHAN. HONEY. We are out. Do not do as you see.