Hentatasu Hentatsu

Hentatasu Hentatsu


Slice of Life, Work

Airing Date:
Winter 2020


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Independent animation by Irodori.
The title "Hentatsu" comes from the combination of the nicknames of the director Tatsuki and Heian, the anime creator.
In the anime, anthropomorphic characters of Irodori members are talking about anime production. They also mention irodori works such as Kemrikusa and Keifuku-san.

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Kaoru Takasugi

Oni Personification of the director Tatsuki. She has black hair and wears the black sailor-style school uniform.


Voice Actor: Mai Kadowaki

She has pink hair and wears traditional Japanese clothing. She is the personification of Heian, who is in charge of design.

Main Staff
  • Director: Tatsuki
  • Character Design: Yoshihisa Isa
  • Animation Director: Yuko Shiramizu
  • Music: AniPlex

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Hentatasu Hentatsu
Hentatasu Hentatsu
Hentatasu Hentatsu
Hentatasu Hentatsu

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