[Honey's Anime Interview] Her Highness Yui from Yousei Teikoku (Mirai Nikki, Tokyo ESP, Big Order) Talks About Her Band & New Single!


Her Highness Yui has led Yousei Teikoku for a long time now and by a very large stroke of luck, we were graciously granted an audience with the Supreme Dictator of the Fairy Empire to interview her. She has been working with her band, Yousei Teikoku or Das Feenreich (Fairy Empire), to not only help more people believe in fairies, but to also increase the citizens and reach of Yousei Teikoku. You may know Yousei Teikoku from popular thriller Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) where they performed the OP Kuusou Mythology, as well as an ED for the series filament. They have also has their songs used for anime such as DISORDER for Big Order, Kyuusei Argyros for Tokyo ESP, Gekkou no Chigiri for Kurokami, and Baptize for Seikon no Qwaser. Today she informs us humans of her history, her band, their upcoming new single flamma idola, and the future plans for Yousei Teikoku.


Her Highness Yui
About the Fairy Empire

For new human fans who know not of Your Highness Yui and Yousei Teikoku, can you briefly describe it so that we may learn?

Hmm, it is difficult to explain, but to be frank, our official name is The Third Musical Military Unit of the Fairy Empire. We go by Yousei Teikoku or Das Feenreich (The Fairy Empire). We are comprised of myself, a fairy, and four human beings. Yousei Teikoku was formed in the human realm. We call our fans “shinmin” (subjects) and our live shows “shikiten” (ceremony).

We know that Your Highness Yui is the Supreme Dictator of the Fairy Empire and that you are more than 300 years old. What we are dying to know is, how did you come into existence? Were you born a dictator or did you became one? Could you please tell us a bit of your background story?

Once I reached 320 years of age, I stopped counting. *laughs*

I was born into the Fairy Empire. I was not born a dictator. My father was the emperor of Yousei Teikoku. He was terribly weak-hearted and was merely toying around with the empire. At the time when I descended to the human realm, my father was still the emperor. I came here looking for humans who believed in fairies. Essentially, I was searching for those who have pure hearts. Using the power of music, my plan was to increase the number of humans who believed in fairies. By doing so, our fairy powers grow in strength.

I formed a new stronghold here in the human realm and from there, I banished my father into exile. Then I succeeded him as the Supreme Dictator of the Fairy Empire. For those wanting to know more, the full story appears in my DVD titled Tokusai Koushiki Shikiten 920 Putsch.

Please tell us what your favorite things and places are in the human realm and your favorite things and places about the fairy realm.

It has been 20 years since I descended into the human realm. I fear that sometimes I may have become half-human. *laughs* I no longer fly either. I use trains and taxis to get around because they are so convenient and I do not have to use my powers to fly. My powers have weakened from the length of time I have been here, so I want to do more live shows in order to lengthen my life. Even then though, to be honest, if I was forced to say something good about the Fairy Empire, it is hard, because the only way to describe it is “destruction.”

My end goal is to travel around more and increase the number of believers to make Fairy Empire prosper. The further that I increase my dominion, one by one, parts of the Fairy Empire are revived. This is not just for Japan, but I desire to place the entire world under my dominion. That is why I am going to Otakon in America.

I like that humans have many hobbies. It’s amazing how their sense of inquiry leads them to different forms of amusement. My allies and I went along to a bowling competition recently and I was surprised that humans could like such a thing! It’s fascinating that humans have so many interests beyond simply living.
About Your Music and Band

We heard that there is a ranking system among the members of Yousei Teikoku. Can you tell us who is who, and how this system works when writing songs?

When I descended to the human realm, the first person I met was Captain Tachibana. That is his official title. It is not necessarily that with the title, the work that they do is different, but their contributions for Yousei Teikoku are different. These contributions are how the titles are decided.

In order to increase the number of people who believe in fairies and to see how much the members are contributing, we look at the enthusiasm of the fans. However, fans of one member may switch to another. This could be due to the members’ laziness, and as such, their rank goes down.

It is difficult to measure exactly who is a fan of whom. Sometimes I think it might be faster and easier to know if we just sold tin badges with members faces on them and see which one sold the most! *laughs* Another way we could do it is to have the audience scream out who they like the most. But it is hard to measure it in that way. *laughs* We would need to bring a sound level meter and measure the volume in decibels!

When it comes to making music though, the titles of the individuals of Yousei Teikoku do not directly influence who writes what. It is not as if I say, “because you are the Capitan, write me three songs now!” or anything like that. We all start on the same level when it comes to producing music.

Do you have a ritual before going on stage? If so, could you tell us about it?

I bet you think we do don’t you? We look like it don’t we?

But in reality, we don’t do anything! We don’t even summon anything! We just say “let’s go”. It’s not even like “give me blood!” or anything like that. Each of the members themselves could be summoning something from deep within like motivation, but we never do something all together as a routine before going on stage. There could be someone signing a blood pact in secret thought. *Laughs*

About Anime and Anisongs

If you can describe Yousei Teikoku using an anime series or anime characters, who or what would it be?

Hmmm... Well to say it directly… It’s difficult to say what show we would fit in, but for myself, I really liked Revolutionary Girl Utena. I love stories of hearing about women who wanted to become Kings. I sometimes think it would be nice if I could be a prince to someone.

On my previous album SHADOW CORPS[e], I covered a song from the series. Maybe you know it? Tainai Tokei Toshi Orerry.

If you could make the theme songs for any anime series (of all time), which show would it be?

Well, to be honest, I want to sing a song for Revolutionary Girl Utena. I especially want to do an insert song for a battle or fight. Those are the best. If I could go back in time with Yousei Teikoku, I would have loved to have done that.
About Performing Abroad

This year you will be performing at Anisong World Matsuri at Otakon 2017 in Washington D.C. Can you tell us how are your preparing for the performance and what are you looking forward to encountering there?

To be honest, my domestic tour has not started yet, but as soon as it finishes, I am going to start preparing to go abroad. However, I have performed abroad before, so I have that experience. Even though anisongs are becoming somewhat popular worldwide, I sing in Japanese. In order to communicate better with the fans, I have to use non-verbal communication. So what I will think about is how to pump up the audience and whip them into a frenzy.

Whether the audience is Japanese or not, at a show, pure passion in that place exists universally. I have not thought about “what am I specifically going to do because it is America?”.

If I could give the international fans some tips to help them be ready to get pumped up and enjoy the experience more, of course I would say, start listening to our music ahead so that you can recognize songs. Some good places to start are with our most recent album SHADOW CORPS[e], our singles Shito Kakusei, filament, DISORDER and of course, our new single flamma idola

when it is released. Not only that, but you will also be able to know when to react when the songs are being played live. It is not as if we approach this as I am pretending to be a dictator on stage dictating how to act with a bunch of set dance moves and you have to have glow sticks. Your job is to gather and you can leave the rest to us.

About the Future Plans of the Empire

According to your website , in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band, you are going to release a commemorative single. Can you please tell us more about it?

For the most part, the music that we have been making recently has a very metal feel to it. This time though with this single, we went back to our roots and revisited gothic elements. If I think about our most recent album, it was very much about the “empire” and it was as if we featured parts of the empire directly in our album quite heavily. This time for flamma idola, it is more about fantasy and the fairy aspect of us rather than the empire aspect.

Will we, mere mortals, be listening to a new album anytime soon?!

That is something I myself do not know about yet. I wonder~.

We will be releasing the PV for the single on Youtube and our videos will not be region locked. The benefit for this is that our fans all over the world can see us no matter where they are!

My new single flamma idola (flaming phantom), will be released officially today, May 31st!

You can find our music on iTunes here

And for those who want a physical copy, you can find our music on CD Japan here.

Check Out Some of Yousei Teikoku’s PVs Below!

Kuusou Mythology:


Kyuusei Argyros:


妖精帝國第九回公式式典ツアー 「flamma idola Tour」 SETLIST

M1. Alte Burg(アニメ「黒神 The Animation」イメージソング)

M2. 機械少女幻想

M3. 内観宇宙死者のゆりかご

M4. 紅き皇帝、白き世界

M5. Sacrifice

M6. 救世Άργυρóϛ(アニメ「東京ESP」エンディング)

M7. Pray In The Darkness

M8. 神の創造

M9. Elusion

M10. filament(アニメ「未来日記」エンディング)

M11. Simulacra

M12. D chronicle

M13. Shadow Corps

M14. DISORDER(アニメ「ビッグオーダー」オープニング)

M15. Patriot Anthem

M16. flamma idola

M17. 天鵞絨パピリオ

M18. 空想メソロギヰ(アニメ「未来日記」オープニング)

M19. 檄(アニメ「ビッグオーダー(OVA)」主題歌)

honeys anime character
Wow she was so cool! Her Highness Yui really knows a lot about herself and the Fairy Empire. I think I am going to have to snatch her new single and check it out.

honeys anime character
I have their whole discography, but the 920Putsch bit was news to me. Guess I’ll have to go get it. Can you believe that they have been making music for over 20 years!
honeys anime character
20 years?! I cannot believe they have been making music and anisongs for that long! She looks amazing. Her Highness Yui said she was over 320 years old. I need her secret. I wonder if it is the souls of the believers?
honeys anime character
............ Honey-chan I am getting ready for bed. Please don’t scare me.
honeys anime character
You better be nice then and revere Her Highness Yui and Yousei Teikoku.
honeys anime character
Oh that is right… she did say she needed believers… I think tonight is a good night for the night light.

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