Holiday Matsuri 2014 Recap: Many Cosplay Pictures

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Hosted at the Caribe Royale Hotel in Orlando, FL, this past years Holiday Matsuri con was a blast!
If you’re unsure of ever attending a con or if you have no idea what goes on in one then you should really read through this and I’ll show you what goes on throughout with many, many pictures!

Caribe Royale


Gurren Lagan Cosplay

Battleblock Theater

Cosplayers 2

One big thing at a con is the cosplay, as if that wasn’t obvious!
So if you enjoy dressing up as your favorite characters or just want to see other people’s renditions, you need to attend a con! Holiday Matsuri was in no short supply of amazing cosplays. There’s also an incredible cosplay contest at almost every convention and Holiday Matsuri is no deviation.



Big Hero 6

Did I mention the raves? Oh yes, there were raves. You’ll be surprised to find out what kind as well!

Rave on Titan

Rave on Titan!
Not only are there dances in full on cosplay garb, but they pulled off a rave based on the Attack on Titan anime!
But the cosplay and the dancing isn’t all that happens at a convention, there’s still much more to cover.

Rave on Titan 2

Rave on Titan 3

There was also a Maid and Host Café. The kind you see in anime all the time, the kind we don’t really have here stateside. They had that.

Are you 18+ and looking for a casino style gentleman’s club? HM had that as well! Called the Peppermint Parlor, it was a great place to get away and just relax with a bit of adult time.

Maid Cafe

On top of all these events and so many more, guest appearances are some of the biggest attractions cons have to offer. HM was in no short stock on guest appearances.

Amie Lynn

Amie is one of those nerds you wish you lived next door to growing up. An avid cosplayer and gamer from Arizona, she loves all things Sony and Metal Gear Solid!

Chii Sakurabi

J-Pop singer Chii Sakurabi also made an appearance at HM. Most conventions do what they can to have some good entertainment, and bringing in Chii was not a bad move!

Matthew Mercer

Matthew Mercer is a voice actor that has done quite a bit of work for some of the most prominent characters we know of. Every con has guest appearances and HM was no exception.

Titan Mercer

Every con will have something you want to see, believe me! So make sure you do what you can to check one out! If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments section below!

by Nathaniel Loomis