[Honey’s Anime Interview] nano for Anisong World Matsuri

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Honey-chan loves music and anime and when the two combine she can’t help but get excited. The queen bee of Honey’s Anime recently got the chance to interview FyingDog recording artist nano. nano is a Japanese bilingual singer who moved from New York to Japan. She debuted as a professional in 2012 with her first album Nanoir. Her works include the theme songs to anime like Arpeggio of Blue Steel, Aria the Scarlet Ammo, Phi Brain: Puzzle of God, Btooom!, Magical Warfare, M3 the Dark Metal, and Magical Girl Raising Project and video game themes for Gunslinger Stratos 2, Re:Vice[D], and Warriors Orochi. She has toured Germany and Taiwan and had her first U.S. concert at FanimeCon in San Jose, CA. She will be having her homecoming concert in New York City as part of Anisong World Matsuri at Anime NYC.


Interview with nano for Anisong World Matsuri

First, As A New Yorker how excited are you to be preforming in New York City ?

Never been more excited in my life!

What can the fans expect when watching a nano concert?

The absolute most I have to offer. Just expect to have a lot of fun!

What artists or singer had the biggest influence on you in regards to style, singing, attitude or some other aspect of your life as an artist?

I’ve grown up listening to all sorts of different music. Everything from classical to folk to rock to pop. So I’d say I’ve been influenced by a little of a lot of things. I think the more you experience and take in, the more colorful your senses become.

When did you make up your mind to become a singer and song writer? To do what it takes to rise to a level where your music is heard by millions.

I’ve loved music and performing since I was very little. It was the entertainment aspect that really excited me. But I think it was the Japanese music scene that introduced me to the ‘professional’ aspect of music. Until I came upon Japanese music, it was all about having fun and enjoying music as a hobby, but when I saw anime and dramas in Japan, using songs for theme songs, I realized that music could become a career. That’s when I just knew I wanted to pursue that road.

What was it like when you watch and heard your music carry the opening or closing of an anime for the first time?

So surreal, and weird, and nerve-racking all at the same time. I recorded the broadcasting, and replayed it a few number of times just to make sure it was reality. I felt it was my first step to achieving my dream.

You were born in New York and moved to Japan at the age of 14 making you the “mysterious transfer student” in anime tropes. Were you interested in singing and anime before that? What, if any, influence did that experience have on you as an artist?

My doorway to anime was a series called “Detective Conan”. I was completely hooked on this series, and I also loved the music linked to it. This series in particular, used a lot of Jrock, and it was very new, in a way. I still love this series very much, and dream to collaborate someday. Overall, I think the great thing about the culture of anime, is that it’s a huge doorway between Japan and the world. It connects people. If it wasn’t for anime, I don’t think half the Japanese music industry would be able to cross borders like this. I am grateful for these chances.

The schedule of an artist like yourself can be grueling so what keeps you excited and inspired as a singer?

I don’t really feel like any of this is ‘grueling’. Yes, it can get very busy, but all in all, music is my passion, and connecting with people is my passion. Creating new music, performing the songs at concerts, meeting new fans, this is all what inspires me and keeps me going.

Honey-chan and Honey’s Anime want to thank nano for taking the time to answer our questions about her career and influences. We know it was also special to talk to her on the eve of her exciting home coming concert in New York City. We wish her the best of luck in her career and can’t wait to see her in concert at Anisong World Matsuri at Anime NYC.

eyecatch-awm-interview-nano-without-logo-560x344 [Honey’s Anime Interview] nano for Anisong World Matsuri


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