[Honey’s Anime Interview] Nano - From YouTuber to IRL Anisong Performer

Japanese-American Nano is an amazing cover artist and songwriter. With a love for anisongs and rock, Nano has created many themes for anime including Conception, Magical Girl Raising Project, and Btooom!
In anticipation for Nano’s first appearance as a guest for Anime Weekend Atlanta, Honey’s Anime reached out to gain some insight on Nano’s feelings about her music and upcoming performance.


Interview with Nano - From YouTuber to IRL Anisong Performer

You’ve already been seen around the world from your days posting song covers on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga, how does it feel being able to now physically perform around the world?

It feels great to be able to sing in 3D! The best thing about being able to do shows and lives is the raw interaction with the crowd. There’s nothing more powerful and rewarding than being able to share the moment with them. However, sending my music over the net is also just as important, as it enables me to reach out to a far greater number, and further distance than the physical reach.

As someone who's been on both sides, what would you say the difference is between someone who posts song covers on YouTube and an accomplished singer/songwriter?

I personally don’t feel that there is a distinct “line” between the two, because the differences are only a matter of how the musician exports their passion of music. The important thing is not whether they’re “professional” or not, but the listeners they’re able to move emotionally. Some of the most talented musicians I know are Youtubers! It’s what you love doing that counts.

Is there a difference in styles of songs you like to cover as opposed to writing?

Not really! But I do think that covers are always an opportunity to try stuff that you might not get a chance to do with originals. Covers are always fun, if it strikes a chord in you.

What, if any, strengths are there in singing in Japanese instead of English and vice versa? Do certain themes or styles tend to 'sound better' depending on the language in your opinion?

Of course, different messages and music styles sometimes groove differently depending on the language. So when I write lyrics, it’s important that the language grooves well with the song. I feel that both languages have their strengths.

You provided the opening theme song to Kemurikusa, titled the same as the anime. Were you a fan of Kemurikusa from its ONA (original net animation) days or did you learn about it after it was adapted?

I’d known of Tatsuki Director of course, but I was new to his works on KEMURIKUSA. He’s a very distinguished and passionate Director and so I was very excited about working with him.

What inspiration did you draw on to create the song Kemurikusa?

Upon talking with Tatsuki Director about the direction of the song, he shared with me hints and keywords that he wanted me to build my lyrics on and I took complete liberty from there. I felt that through the darkness and pain of the story, there were many signs of life and hope in the core.

Are there any new singles or projects for NANO on the horizon?

I’m always striving to evolve. I’m in the midst of a lot of new projects now that I hope to share with everyone not too far in the future.

What should fans be looking forward to in regards to your appearance at AWA?

It’s such a blessing to be able to perform in an event or city I’ve never performed before. So for those that know me, and for those that may be new to my music, we’re all just going to have a great time and rock on.

Now for a couple of fun questions! Has any current anime caught your interest?

Carole & Tuesday has some great music! And of course, my absolute favorite anime Detective Conan is always an interest!

You seem to always be ready to rock, but what do you do when you need to relax?

Spend time with the people I love, watch a good movie, eat delicious food, sleep well!

Final Thoughts

One thing that makes Nano so relatable is her love for anime and desire to be involved using her skills. Who wouldn’t want to go from enjoying our favorite shows to providing music or some other talent for them? With her incredible range and ability to emote, it’s no wonder she has accumulated such a loyal fan base. Her passion for rock has taken her far and wide, and attendees at Anime Weekend Atlanta can look forward to an amazing show!

065 [Honey’s Anime Interview] Nano - From YouTuber to IRL Anisong Performer


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