[Honey’s Anime Interview] Spyair at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018

Formed in 2005, Spyair has had a lot of success will all four founding members. Several of their songs have been used for both the Gintama anime and movie as well as Mobile Suit Gundam and Haikyu!!. Anime Weekend Atlanta was the first stop on their first American tour, so we were excited to get to know Spyair better and learn about their thoughts leading up to the momentous occasion.





Interview with Spyair at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018

How do you feel about performing in America for the first time?

Because it’s our first time, we’re really excited.

Well, it’s tomorrow.

That is right.

Looking forward to it!

You’ve provided several songs for Gintama, is it because you have a good relationship with the creators or is it just coincidence?

The people who made the anime were so excited about the first song we did, “Samurai Heart (Some Like it Hot)”, so they kept asking us from then on.

What was your inspiration for “I Wanna Be…”

After watching Gintama for so long, I wrote about the things it made me think about and feel.

You guys have been together for so many years, what made it so you could continue?

Honestly, I thought about quitting many times, but I think everyone really likes how we sound together, so we can continue performing.

Which would you consider your hardest song to play live?

As the vocalist, ballads are hard to sing live. “Rainbow” is probably the most difficult.

Gotta be careful!

Gotta be careful.

What is your favorite anime?

Favorite anime… One Piece, I think?

Mmm… Slam Dunk. One Piece, Slam Dunk


Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

You’ve already accomplished so much, but what’s Spyair’s next move?

Right now, I just want to focus on the world tour that’s right in front of us, and after that, I’ll think of something else.

This will be our first live in America, and I’ll do my best to come back again.

I want to keep being with everyone, both in our band activities and having fun together.

I want to keep continuing as we are.

What do you plan to do with your free time while you’re here? Ike, you like fishing, did you bring your fishing rod?

Either sleeping or trying to fish at the river that’s nearby.

I want to practice English

Work my muscles

Drink every day!

In your PV for “Naked”, you guys were, literally, naked. Did that cause any unexpected challenges while filming?

Well because we’d all be seen, we had to go on a diet and work out. That was really the only challenging thing.

Could you please give a message to your fans in America?

With this being our first time in America, we’re really looking forward to it. We also really want to directly meet with our fans in other countries as well. Going forward from this time, we really want to remember everyone’s faces and come back to America someday.

Final Thoughts

While there was a mixup and Spyair did not have a proper translator, we were able to make it work! Their patience and willingness to work with us despite the language barrier was a true testament to how strongly they desire to reach their fans. When UZ said during the interview he’d like to practice English, we exchanged a look and had to laugh. Everyone was very friendly and easy going, and we wish them the best of luck on the rest of their tour!

065 [Honey’s Anime Interview] Spyair at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018


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