[Honey's Anime Interview] TRUE & Minori Chihara (Violet Evergarden)

-500x333 [Honey's Anime Interview] TRUE & Minori Chihara (Violet Evergarden)

Violet Evergarden is a drama and fantasy anime series in which the heroine, Violet, formerly a “weapon” left the battlefield behind her and found a new life working in a post office. This beautiful story has warmed our hearts during this anime season of winter 2018. To complement the beautiful and tearful story we also get to listen in every episode to TRUE’s powerful voice in the opening theme “Sincerely” and Minori Chihara melancholic voice in the ending theme “Michishirube”

TRUE and Minori Chihara are very well known in the anime and anisong industry. Minori is also a seiyuu and in Violet Garden she is the voice of Erica Brown. On the other hand, TRUE is releasing her 3rd album on april this year!. These two are very busy women, but this didn’t stop Honey-chan and Bombón to interrupt their daily activities to ask them questions about their singles and Violet Evergarden.

About “Sincerely”

-500x333 [Honey's Anime Interview] TRUE & Minori Chihara (Violet Evergarden)

Violet Evergarden is now on air in Japan. Can you tell us about what “Sincerely” is about? Also, what message do you want to express with your lyrics and voice?

-500x333 [Honey's Anime Interview] TRUE & Minori Chihara (Violet Evergarden)

I created the opening theme song “Sincerely” with the goal in mind of it being closely tied to the growth of Violet. Violet is just like a newborn baby. She is an Auto Memories Doll who meets many people, and while on a journey to learn the meaning of each word, she also learns how to face her past. She faces both good and bad things head-on, and I tried my best to spin a tale together using true words.

Also, when I saw the opening animation sequence, I was deeply moved from the bottom of my heart. No matter what the scene it was, each one was beautiful, and each one displays the hearts and minds of the characters. It’s constantly changing itself as if it is slowly but surely drawing itself closer to the hearts of the audience. I felt as if the creators of the opening had properly interpreted the designs and hopes I had put into “Sincerely.” I would be very happy if fans abroad are able to go beyond the limits of words themselves and understand what is trying to be told by both the animation and my singing voice.

-500x333 [Honey's Anime Interview] TRUE & Minori Chihara (Violet Evergarden)

The single “Sincerely” was released on January 31st, 2018. Can you give us a preview of its contents and how the making process went?

-500x333 [Honey's Anime Interview] TRUE & Minori Chihara (Violet Evergarden)

I first heard back in January of 2017 that I was going to be performing the opening theme song for Violet Evergarden. I spent an entire year carefully crafting the song. Since the anime had an advance screening, known as the “World Premiere” for the series, before starting broadcasting in many places around the world, I decided to reveal the opening theme song “Sincerely” at the same time. The anime started without a hitch and we were overjoyed that so many people were able to receive the song that we had worked together to create. I also feel that I have grown as a singer through this experience and many more like it.

-500x333 [Honey's Anime Interview] TRUE & Minori Chihara (Violet Evergarden)

We can now view the full version of the music video for “Sincerely.” Can you tell us about the music video filming process and where it was shot?

-500x333 [Honey's Anime Interview] TRUE & Minori Chihara (Violet Evergarden)

Previously, I thought about shooting a music video that was like a movie. “Sincerely” is sung in Japanese, but because it is arranged in the way that it is, I believe people from all countries will be able to go beyond the limits of the words and tell the story it needs to. That opportunity is what I tried to materialize this time.

Just like with other works that I have worked on in the past, the opening and ending were connected, so even if the music video is for Violet Evergarden, they have become two enjoyable, wonderful works. The opening talks about early childhood while the ending talks about adolescence. I would love it if you could enjoy to both songs back to back.

The theme for Violet Evergarden is “Love.” It is expressed in the work itself, the music, and the music video. I want those who view this to re-think what it means to love something or someone.

TRUE - “Sincerely” (Violet Evergarden Opening Theme)

-500x333 [Honey's Anime Interview] TRUE & Minori Chihara (Violet Evergarden)

Your fans want to know about your upcoming plans (Events, another single release)

-500x333 [Honey's Anime Interview] TRUE & Minori Chihara (Violet Evergarden)

On April 25th, my 3rd album “Lonely Queen’s Liberation Party” will be released. There is also a limited first edition which includes clips from my one woman live show, so please check it out!

Also, starting in June, I will be going on another one woman tour across Japan hitting five major cities. Please come and see me if you can wherever you are!

-500x333 [Honey's Anime Interview] TRUE & Minori Chihara (Violet Evergarden)

About “Michishirube”

-500x333 [Honey's Anime Interview] TRUE & Minori Chihara (Violet Evergarden)

"Michishirube," the ending theme of winter 2018 anime series Violet Evergarden, was released on January 31st. We want to know how the making of this song started. Did you get together with TRUE to talk about the songs or did you create them separately?

-500x333 [Honey's Anime Interview] TRUE & Minori Chihara (Violet Evergarden)

First, I was notified that I would be in charge of creating the ending theme song for Violet Evergarden. The creative process started with reading of the light novels. Then, I composed the lyrics by being present during the post-recording process to get a feel for the series as well as asking for the opinions and thoughts of Director Ishidate and Series Producer Fujita. As for the duet song on the artist edition “White Ambitions,” after having Q-MHz compose the music for it, TRUE and I worked together in the studio to balance the recording, checking the key, etc.

-500x333 [Honey's Anime Interview] TRUE & Minori Chihara (Violet Evergarden)

The atmosphere and lyrics of the song seem to be very personal. Are they based on a personal event, or are they about Violet Evergarden?

-500x333 [Honey's Anime Interview] TRUE & Minori Chihara (Violet Evergarden)

I composted the lyrics for “Michishirube,” so I think that the song is more connected to me personally. As for Violet Evergarden, as a story, you are moved by the people and beings that appear within it through the eyes of one girl. Due to familial bonds often being spoken about in this work, as well as the roles of parent and the roles of children, you can understand each of their feelings. There are any moments where the joy of life can be felt, but on the other hand, there are also many moments about it’s absurdity. What I wanted to do with “Michishirube” was to gently encompass the good and the sad about society into a song. The result of envisioning the character “Violet Evergarden” while creating the song, is that I have the sensation that the world of anime and our current world are connected.

-500x333 [Honey's Anime Interview] TRUE & Minori Chihara (Violet Evergarden)

We watched the short version of the video for the theme song "Michishirube" and it seems to be a sequel of TRUE’s “Sincerely” video. Can you tell us about the story in the videos?

-500x333 [Honey's Anime Interview] TRUE & Minori Chihara (Violet Evergarden)

The story is one of love between a violin playing boy and a girl. In “Sincerely,” the story is of two young children who start with an encounter and arrive at a parting. “Michishirube” tells the story of the reunion of those two children who are now adults. The two of different social statuses have been separated once, but the result of them continuing to dwell on it, is that their pure hearts have been tied together. The synchronization of Violet and Major Gilbert is incredibly painful to watch. Violet Evergarden is approached with many forms of music and song that are not limited to the opening and ending. This includes images songs as well as vocal albums. So, to have the music videos also be connected by theme and music is absolutely wonderful.

Minori Chihara - “Michishirube” (Violet Evergarden Ending Theme)

-500x333 [Honey's Anime Interview] TRUE & Minori Chihara (Violet Evergarden)

We can’t wait to watch the next episode of Violet Evergarden. Who is your favorite character of the series so far, and why?

-500x333 [Honey's Anime Interview] TRUE & Minori Chihara (Violet Evergarden)

I really like Erica Brown! It goes without saying that each character has their own appeal, and even though I like all of them, it just has to be the character that I have breathed life into with my work as a seiyuu. She is an important, cute existence to me. I have an affinity with her as there are times where I greatly resemble her in that lack confidence and hesitate and other times I can be quite timid. Together with Violet’s growth, Erica herself and her wish to grow into a wonderful Auto Memories Doll, makes me want to watch over her like a parent.

-500x333 [Honey's Anime Interview] TRUE & Minori Chihara (Violet Evergarden)
I can’t believe how sad and wonderful are these songs. Their voices are so different from each other, but they transmit the same deep feelings of love and nostalgia.
-500x333 [Honey's Anime Interview] TRUE & Minori Chihara (Violet Evergarden)
I know! The feeling of longing, of what’s lost and left behind…
-500x333 [Honey's Anime Interview] TRUE & Minori Chihara (Violet Evergarden)
Beautiful, sadness is just so beautiful.

Find out more about Minori Chihara here!

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Find out more about TRUE here!

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