Honey’s Anime Interview with Celeina Ann Singing Voice of Tuesday of Carole & Tuesday

Humanity has been on Mars for more than 50 years and built amazing cities filled with a thriving culture, a culture that is churned out by AI. Carole is a girl from humble circumstances working part-time with dreams of becoming a singer. Tuesday is a girl who feels like she can never be herself and has run away from her life of means to become a singer/songwriter. The two meet and create music filled with honesty that resonates in their audiences and changes the world.

Tuesday's singing voice belongs to singer/songwriter Celeina Ann. Honey-chan was fortunate to have the chance to interview the 22-year-old about her singing role in Carole & Tuesday, her influences, and career in music.

Celeina Ann

Interview with Celeina Ann Singing Voice of Tuesday of Carole & Tuesday

We read in your biography that your father was the influence on you picking up the guitar. What was his influence on your musical style?

My Japanese father was a big fan of rock music in the late 60s/70s. So, I was raised in a house where CDs like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, ELP, Yes were playing. He also played a lot of ambient music as well. The melodies of the Beatles and the singing style of the ambient music he used to play influenced me a lot in my music today.

What inspires you as a singer songwriter? Are you the kind of writer who is trying to get a hit or are you the kind of writer who is trying to convey your feelings or message in your music?

Definitely my own feelings and message. I don’t want to be regretting my music on my last day LOL. It really important for me to be honest and real as a person and as a musician.

The style of music you play is referred to by some as western style. How would you describe your style? Is it folk? Is it rock? Your music makes me think of music you would hear in a coffee house.

These categorizing questions are really hard in my opinion. It’s always a combination of all type of music. If I were asked to name my music I will say “Acoustic POP” since I make most of my music on my acoustic guitar.

When you began to dream about performing in front of audiences, was there an artist you were trying to emulate or you imagined yourself as?

My biggest inspiration and motivation was Ed Sheeran. I was 15 when I first I went to his show in Japan and the crowd was about 500 people. Ever since that day, I knew that I wanted to become a singer song writer.

Who are your favorite artists on your current playlist?

Fleet foxes. I love their sound.

Do you write your music in both English and Japanese? If so, do you find it hard to convey the same meaning in both languages?

Definitely. But I hope it becomes a motivation for people who want to study Japanese or English. I don’t necessarily need everybody to hear every single word. I want each person to understand my music in their own way in their own sense.

You currently are the singing voice for Tuesday in the anime Carole & Tuesday. Was that a role you sought out?

I actually auditioned for both Carole and Tuesday, so I was thrilled just to be a part of this anime.

Did you ever think you would be working in the anime industry?

Not really! I never experienced singing for somebody else. I always made my music and sang my own songs. But I’m really enjoying acting as another person!

What did you feel when you first heard your music and your voice come out of the animated girl, Tuesday?


Is there any part of the Carole & Tuesday story that you identify with?

I started my music carrier off YouTube, so the scene where Carole and Tuesday were getting attention on the video sharing website was really touching.

What do you think of your alter ego: the innocent and sometimes naïve Tuesday?

It’s really fun to see the bold side of Tuesday from time to time. I watched Carole and Tuesday with some of my friends and they said I am just like Tuesday. Innocent and pure but sometimes the fighter within me comes out. Haha!

The story seems to center around the theme that music “manufactured“ to reach certain audiences is disingenuous and that there is something far purer and more honest when it comes from true singer songwriters. Is that a belief you share?

Yes, I think this anime is very musically honest and pure to the audience. It’s a big international team that’s working on this anime, but it doesn’t feel that way at all! The working environment feels very loving and warming. I think this comes from the shared core feeling that we call have towards this anime, and I believe that the audience is able to feel that through the anime as well.

What was it like the first time you played with Nai Br. XX?

We both are solo artists and never really had a singing partner in our careers, but it really felt natural and comfortable when we harmonized together.

Nai Br. XX has a different sound than yours? How do you find a way to make them complement each other?

We just listen to each other’s voices really carefully. That’s about it. Sometimes not thinking but feeling works better.
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Were you and anime fan before this role? If so what was an anime you enjoyed or inspired you?

I used to love girly anime like Sailor Moon and Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.

We do not know how Carole & Tuesday will end yet, but do you hope to continue your role in the future?

Yes! I would love to.

What do you think the most important thing we should learn from Carole & Tuesday as artists?

There’s a lot…for me, those two remind me of the spirit I started my career with. Always stay humble and be grateful for each opportunity and chance.

Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to talk about?

I am touring China with a jazz hip hop track maker DJ OKAWARI. I would love for you guys to check out the EP I made with him. It’s called “Nightfall” and it’s on all streaming platforms! And hopefully, I’ll be able to meet you guys in person in America someday soon!

Final Thoughts

We will check out the new track and hope to meet in person one day soon. Honey-chan and we at Honey’s Anime thank you for your time to answer our questions. We love sharing the latest news, features, and interviews with our readers. We wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors and look forward to hearing your wonderful music for years to come. We will of course be tuning in each week to see how Carole & Tuesday rise to the top.

CT-First-Key-Visual-354x500 Honey’s Anime Interview with Celeina Ann Singing Voice of Tuesday of Carole & Tuesday


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