Honey’s Anime Interview with Producer Yasuyuki Oda from SNK Heroines

Honey's Anime had the privilage of interviewing Yasuyuki Oda-san recently and we wanted to ask a few questinos about their new title SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy and what they think about this new itiration to the franchise. Yasuyuki Oda-san is the influential Director of SNK Heroines, a tag team fighting game, featuring characters from the SNK franchise. His history with fighting games includes Planner for Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Director of Capcom’s Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, and Producer of SNK’s King of Fighters 14.

Honey’s Anime is excited to see SNK’s plans for its newest title!


Yasuyuki Oda
Interview with Yasuyuki Oda

With a title like SNK Heroines, is it fair to assume we will see a large cast of SNK Characters? Also, are there plans for original characters designed specifically for this new title?

Yes. We plan to have some characters that will surprise people when joining the cast.

One element of past King of Fighters was the difficult execution to play the game. KOF 14 helped newer players by simplifying inputs and changing certain mechanics. Are there any specific plans for how SNK Heroines will handle execution?

We were very conscientious about playing this title on a pad, so the inputs are simple. Basic controls like attack and defense were made simple, but new tactics can be made out of using items and gauges.

It feels like a lot of recent games have started to include tag mechanics. Was there a particular motivation to have tag mechanics in this game?

(Kaito Soranaka, the Director of SNK Heroines, answers this question.)

There were many challenges in making this title. One challenge was displaying more than two characters on-screen at a time. In addition to that, because this game has such a big emphasis on characters, we wanted to include things like, “What would a conversation between this character and this character be like? How would they become allies?” That was our motivation.

Is there a planned DLC for this game? If so, what kinds?

Actually, we are currently looking into it.

What do you think sets SNK apart from other gaming companies? What practices/technology are you planning for future games?

SNK, as a company, is good at creating compelling characters. We have become a newer, stronger SNK, a company in the gaming industry that can create games with intense battles that are still easy to understand.

Lastly, a friend wanted me to ask this very important question. Are you making plans for a sequel to Garou: Mark of the Wolves?

I will continue to make them until the day I die.

Final Thoughts

It was a joyous surprise to have both Yasuyuki Oda-san AND Kaito Soranaka-san answer our questions. SNK Heroines looks to be a unique experience for SNK fans with more characters, more excitement, and with both industry veterans at its wheel. We look forward to the finished product. Hopefully, players will find SNK Heroines a good title to add to their fighting game collection! While the answers were a tad broken, we do hope you enjoyed this interview and look forward to seeing you at our next interviews in the future!



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