[Honey’s Anime Interview] Yuki from Lucky in Red Cosplay

Yuki-from-Lucky-in-Red-Cosplay-Wallpaper-281x500 [Honey’s Anime Interview] Yuki from Lucky in Red Cosplay

Otaku, cosplayer, and influencer are all terms that accurately describe the Lucky in Red brand, but for the woman behind it—that list is missing an important element, as it doesn’t account for her skills as a makeup artist. She’s given a strong push to this important part of her repertoire recently, hosting panels at conventions and running tutorial sessions on how to enhance cosplays through cosmetics. We managed to catch her for a quick interview on her technique and how it relates to anime cosplay.


Interview with Yuki from Lucky in Red Cosplay

What do you think really differentiates cosplay makeup from your everyday makeup?

That’s a tough question. Considering I like doing cosplay makeup with everyday makeup because come on, if I’m looking fabulous walking down the street, then there is something to do in my life. But with cosplay makeup, I’d say it’s different because you’re doing a lot of caking . . . so it’s 2 to 3 layers trying to get the perfect finish and smooth face for that anime look. You’re doing a look that makes you look older or younger, it’s not always your age’s kind of look. You're also defining places where . . . [with normal makeup] it would show "imperfections," things they don't want [to be] seen.

Do you have any tips for doing makeup with cosplay accessories that might interfere? Like by covering part of the face, for example?

I would say to still do a natural style. With [facial accessories on], it would mostly be the foundation that should be prominent.

Do you have any favorite brands when it comes to cosplay makeup?

I'm very eco-friendly with my makeup, so I'm very animal cruelty-free, or at least I try to be as much as possible. My number one recommendation with cleanser would definitely be Lush. With putting on makeup, like foundation, eyeliner, all that I would say, Tarte because they've gone vegan recently; Two Faced because they're animal cruelty-free and Kat Von D because they’re also animal cruelty-free and they have cute dogs on their Instagram.

Do you have any tips for people who normally don’t do makeup but may be thinking of adding it to their cosplay repertoire?

Definitely search up YouTube videos—that’s what I did—also if you’re wanting to find a cheap way to do it, mostly invest in your foundation. Concealer is optional, I say, but if you're going for concealer I would always go for the green because it hides the redness in your face.

What do you find differentiates makeup for cosplay characters as opposed to more traditional looks?

That's contouring. For contouring I definitely like to bump up my cheekbones so I would highlight the triangles in my face that are closest to my cheekbones to give it that prominent smiling cute round look and then I would shade in at my neck so it's a little less bulky and shade under my chin just to give it that round look.

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We’d like to thank for taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer our questions. We strongly encourage everyone who’s interested in seeing her unique philosophy towards cosplay and makeup in action to follow her on Instagram @luckyinred_cosplay and if her wise words have given you some inspiration for a cosplay, be sure to let us know what it is in the comments.

Yuki-from-Lucky-in-Red-Cosplay-Wallpaper-281x500 [Honey’s Anime Interview] Yuki from Lucky in Red Cosplay


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