[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Megumin Highlights - Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (KonoSuba)

megumin-Konosubarashii-Sekai-ni-Shukufuku-wo-Konosuba-wallpaper-1-688x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Megumin Highlights - Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (KonoSuba)

I only love explosion magic!

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  • Episodes: 10
  • Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural
  • Airing Date: Jan/2016 – Mar/2016
  • Producers: Studio Deen

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Preview (No Spoilers)

Kazuma a young man who claims the life of a NEET is met with a tragic demise on his way home after buying a limited edition game. Instead of seeing the afterlife, Kazuma is brought to a young goddess named Aqua and is given two options. The first is he can be reincarnated, however his fate could be better or worse than his current life. The second choice, go to a fantasy like world straight out of a game like scenario and help defeat The Devil King to save this fantasy world from his evil clutches. Going with the latter choice Kazuma, who was allowed to bring one of anything, brings with him Aqua and the two are thrown into the new world together. They must now survive against a cruel environment of odd adventurers and dangerous monsters, and trye not to starve due to lack of funds. Can Kazuma and Aqua save the land or will they just find themselves in a more dire situation?

Megumin Bio

Seiyuu Name: Takahashi Rie

A user of crimson magic from a wizard clan, Megumin is the embodiment of a stubborn spell caster. Despite her very high magical stats and her efficiency with fire like magic, Megumin decides to forego learning any magic outside of the singular one that has become an internet meme/staple when it comes to her character, explosion magic. What’s worse is while this type of magic is insanely powerful it unfortunately leaves the user, in this case Megumin, completely spent and unable to move leading to some very dangerous moments for Kazuma and the party. Also despite living in a fantasy based world Megumin is closely seen as a chunnibyou or a person who creates a self-created backstory and world to fit their outer persona which makes her seem very odd to most adventures. Nonetheless Kazuma allies himself with her and together go forth as a party.

Megumin Highlights


Megumin is famous in the anime gif world. She has become a staple because of her shouting out the word explosion which just happens to be her only attack in her arsenal. Yet, this line is worthy of being one reason why Megumin is so amazing. As we learn, the biggest drawback to explosion magic is the sheer drain on the user’s energy but the amount of damage can be seen in episode six of season one when fighting Verdia, a minion to the Devil King. After Verdia summons a massive skeleton army Megumin comes in and destroys them all with one shot of her explosion magic.

So yes while Megumin may have a serious handicap thanks to her odd reasoning of only using the most taxing power ever, she does hold her own. Kazuma might have to carry her after she uses this power, but I don’t think he minds too much. As we learn from the ova episode, Kazuma actually likes when Megumin has to be carried by him as it allows him to be a bit perverse we’ll say.

2. Comedic Relief

Konsuba is indeed a comedy anime first and foremost, which is great as Megumin is easily one of the funniest characters of the show. Megumin is constantly a force of comedy in not only her odd antics but also her ramblings of her own self-created lore. Episode six of season two is one of the better examples of how she reacts to perfectly timed movements. It is when Kazuma dies…again…that Megumin, irritated at the fact that he was stripped of clothes to force him back into his body upon the use of Aqua’s revival power, draws on his naked body pointing to a specific spot on a man’s body and calling it Excalibur.

In essence without Megumin’s constant odd nature and comedic timings Konosuba as a whole wouldn’t be nearly as funny. She knows how to insert her randomness in everything using simple means. Episode two of season two shows another hilarious scene where Megumin is tapped of her energy and forced to stand on her own staff to avoid being devoured by a giant toad creature. Her casual tone during this moment eludes to the true panic at hand of being in a precarious situation and it makes it even funnier. Megumin is a comedy powerhouse and like her magic it has devastating but awesome effects.

3. Megumin is who she is

Out of the cast of Konosuba, Megumin is one of the truly most honest members of the Kazuma party. Her nature is to act the way she believes is right and even though she struggled to find a party originally because of it, it never stopped her from staying honest to who she felt she was. This comes forth from her backstory of how she struggled to find a party until Kazuma let her into his. This trait makes her overly cute at times when she struggles to deal with the groups teasing at times but nonetheless shows how she is a straight shooter.

Thus we declare Megumin honest to a fault and thus why this is such an important trait. This is a girl who, despite being seen by Kazuma as a weirdo (though to be honest who isn’t in his party), still tries her best to help the party and be strong. Sure Megumin could probably learn other spells and be more useful, but as Megumin claims in nearly every episode of Konosuba, explosion magic is life to her. Honesty is a great trait for any person to have and with Megumin it just makes her cuter for it.

4. The only true attacking force

Team Kazuma has the following classes, a goddess, a crusader, an adventure and an arch wizard. Of those classes, while Kazuma is able to use various skills learned in the later episodes of the series, Megumin is really the only one who can attack anything besides him. As we know Darkness can’t hit anything and Aqua’s magic is usually a mess like her flood in season one’s finale. That being stated, without her explosion power Team Kazuma would have faced way worse.

Let’s look at episode two the first episode of Megumin’s appearance in the series. This is before Kazuma and Aqua even had any other allies and during a quest to kill giant toads they were left powerless as none of their attacks did damage to the large beasts. Megumin came in and, with a singular attack, decimated the enemies and while yes she was as per usual left incapacitated, this goes to show why her power was so necessary prior to Kazuma gaining some fighting skills via his bow and sword. Megumin…the group would be dead without you especially earlier on.

5. Megumin is super cute.

Let’s face it, if you haven’t felt your heart go doki doki at a singular time Megumin on screen smiles you aren’t being honest to yourself. Megumin is cute in every sense of the word. Her attire is cute, a traditional witch’s hat and red short dress. Her quirky nature is cute and overall Megumin just seems to be someone who wants to be seen as an adult despite still having some time to go. When Megumin faces her opponents, she has an air about her that screams “I’m super cute.”

If you need more evidence just look at episode two of the second season when we are introduced to Yunyun, Megumin’s apparent rival. Besides the cute banter between the two of these girls, we shift our focus to the latter part of the episode when Kazuma and Megumin end up sharing a bath together by accident. It is during this sequence that we see Megumin truly show a cute side of her as she is quickly embarrassed to be nude around Kazuma but even more embarrassed when he says that she needs to grow a bit more. She could have reacted like any other anime girl and slapped Kazuma for this line but instead she insists that her growth will continue and impress him one day. We see this as utterly adorable and extremely cute and you should too.

Final Thoughts

Megumin is an arch wizard who has the quirky nature to indeed be from the world of Konosuba. Wielding her mighty and strength sapping magic and doing it with gusto makes her easily one of the coolest characters of the show. With so many great traits hidden in her small frame I’m sure we at Honey’s Anime missed some key points of how to describe her greatness. Please feel free to comment down below what you love about Megumin or what you feel we missed in describing her explosive nature. Let us not forget to add her famous line EXPLOSION!!!

megumin-Konosubarashii-Sekai-ni-Shukufuku-wo-Konosuba-wallpaper-1-688x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Megumin Highlights - Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (KonoSuba)


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