[Honey's Crush Wednesday] – 5 Momo Belia Deviluke Highlights – To LOVE Ru Darkness

Momo-Belia-Deviluke-To-LOVE-Ru-Darkness-Wallpaper-500x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] – 5 Momo Belia Deviluke Highlights – To LOVE Ru Darkness

The Angelic Alien with Devilish Desires

  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Sci-fi, Harem, Comedy, Ecchi, School, Shounen
  • Airing Date: Oct. 2010- Dec. 2010
  • Producers: Xebec

To LOVE Ru Darkness Preview (No Spoilers)

Rito Yuuki’s life has been in constant chaos since Lala Satalin Deviluke, alien princess and heir to the galactic throne, came into his life. The overly perky princess and genius inventor, through several complicated events, becomes engaged to the average high school boy Rito. He happens to be in love with his childhood friend, the bashful and shy Haruna. Rito’s life at the end of the original season To LOVE Ru had settled into a routine with Lala moving into his home and going to his school. We are introduced to Lala’s younger sisters, Momo and Nana, in a series of OVAs between the 1st and 2nd season. The sisters take a larger role in the second season Motto To LOVE Ru. The sisters finally move into the Yuuki house hold in the third season To LOVE Ru Darkness. Momo’s role in the story comes front and center in the third season when she realizes that she’d like to help Rito, Lala, Haruna and a multitude of other women in Rito’s life (including herself) find happiness by concocting the“Harem Plan.” According to this plan, upon marrying Lala Rito will be the king of the galaxy and can have as many wives as he wants. The only question is, is Rito Yuuki up to the challenge?

Momo Belia Deviluke: Bio

Seiyuu Name: Aki Toyosaki

Momo is the youngest of the Deviluke sisters. You’d definitely see a family resemblance, too. The three sisters share the same pink hair and long tail ending in a spade. Momo wears her hair short compared to Nana’s and Lala’s long hair. She has an outwardly sweet nature toward most people and plants. Yes, Momo can talk to plants and can pretty much command them to do whatever she wants. Like her sister, Lala, Momo is in love with Rito. She is also more mature than her siblings. Momo understands the difference between love in friendship and love in a more intimate sense. Momo has been known to attempt to seduce Rito on occasion and slip into his bed at night. She’s smart like Lala, but in a different way; Lala wouldn’t know how to scheme or be calculating and Nana is too straightforward to do so, but Momo is all about making plans.

Momo Belia Deviluke Highlights (Spoilers beyond this point)

1. Devilishly Smart…

Momo Deviluke is a smart girl. She is almost as smart as her sister, a galactically recognized genius inventor. The third princess to the Deviluken Empire is smart in a political way. She seems to understand people, sometimes better than they understand themselves. She then uses that information to help her achieve her goals, which in many cases will make all parties involved happier.

For proof, we just have to look at the “Harem Plan.” Momo’s sister Lala loves Rito and wants to marry him. Rito is in love with Haruna and also loves Lala. Momo loves Rito too and still wants her sister to be happy. How can she find a way for all parties to be happy? Her first step is to get transferred to Rito’s high school and away from her tutors in the palace on Deviluke. There she will be able to keep an eye on Rito and the women in his life. Second, make Rito a man’s man that wants a harem to begin with. Rito is kind of a meek boy who would never make the first move. Momo arranges romantic situations with more than a half-dozen girls in Rito’s life. Momo is playing the long game, putting the pieces into motion that will lead to Rito being put into a position where a harem as the king of the galaxy will be the best option. It’ll also get Rito to reciprocate her love.

2. A Very Alluring Alien…

We look at Momo and think “why can’t a girl that cute be in love with me?” The third princess of the galaxy is a girl of average height in the anime world at about 5 feet tall. Her bust is, in our opinion, a happy medium between Lala’s large bust and Nana’s nonexistent one. She has large purple eyes and short pink hair she keeps pinned out of her face with a flower barrette. The “sensitive” Deviluken tail that swings behind her ending in a spade that pokes out from under her skirt always attracts the eyes. The way she twists her hair around her fingers when she is deep in thought is absolutely adorable.

She always makes sure she dresses the part, too. Momo tends to choose short skirts and long knee socks creating excellent Zettai ryoki. She also tends to choose blouses with scoop or plunging necklines. Momo has been known to wear the naked apron in her never-ending quest to seduce Rito.

3. Talks to Plants & Isn’t a DC Comics Villain…

We’ve all heard talking to plants is a great way to help them grow and that goes double for Momo. The power to talk to and command plants is a unique ability to the Deviluken princess. She with the help of her D-Dial, a phone-like device Lala created, she can summon hundreds of plant friends she’s collected from throughout the galaxy.

In spite of her age, Momo is an expert xenobotanist and horticulturist. She understands the chemistry of every one of the plants she has stored in the D-Dial. She’s the one who understood the effects of the love-pollen that had every one chasing Rito through town. Momo’s control over plants works well in combat; she summons thorny rose like plants with teeth to ensnare several of the male students when they were under the control of Nemesis. The irony of her love for vegetation is that she is trying to turn Rito into a carnivore kind of man that’s more aggressive toward the girls in his life and her.

4. A Teenage Girl with the Mind of a Teenage Boy…

Momo has a bit of a naughty streak. She seems to be a bit more mature than her sisters even though she is the youngest. Momo understands that using sexuality is just one of the ways she can get what she wants. She also seems to seek out the chances to be closer and more intimate with Rito.

Momo spends a lot of time in Rito’s bed. She slips into his room in the middle of the night in the hopes that Rito will get grabby in his sleep. She also has been known to get lost in her day dreams about the “Harem Plan” and what she’d like Rito to do to her. The day dreams often leave her just standing there with a smile and drool on her face. We even know she plays eroge from when she tried to explain the birds and the bees to her ever-innocent older sister Lala using a video game. She didn’t get too far though, stopping at the idea of kissing as she wasn’t willing to corrupt Lala too much.

5. Clever with Her Kindness…

For all her calculation, seduction, and occasional selfishness, Momo is kind. Momo is always willing to help others even if it means going out of her way to do so. The “Harem Plan” she came up with is predicated on the idea that she was willing to share Rito with all the women in his life. She’s even willing to be his concubine if he were to marry Lala and Haruna.

We see some of this kindness in episode 1 of To LOVE Ru Darkness when she is seen sneaking into Rito’s bath and explaining the reason for the “Harem Plan” is to make all the girls happy. She also makes a big effort to bring the assassin Golden Darkness into the fold by befriending her. Momo can even be a good sister to her older twin Nana. Despite teasing her sister about her less-than-developed bust, Momo has made efforts to cheer her sister up when she was feeling down after Nana’s friend Mea became distant.

Final Thoughts

Momo is a multidimensional character. She as described above as kind, pervy, sexy, and smart. We love anime girls that are far more than their two dimensions. We see throughout the series that Momo has beliefs that she is willing to stick to yet she’s also willing to compromise her own happiness if it means adding to the happiness of others. Momo is sexy, a trait that could be inherited from her mother whose beauty is so great it has to be hidden behind a veil. The girl that talks to plants isn’t a shrinking violet either. We see a blood lust take over when she’s in battle that becomes hard for her to walk back from. She is a well-rounded girl and the perfect girl for a lot of us. What do you think of Momo? Is she the waifu you’ve been waiting for or does another member of the harem plan turn you on? Rito perhaps?

Momo-Belia-Deviluke-To-LOVE-Ru-Darkness-Wallpaper-500x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] – 5 Momo Belia Deviluke Highlights – To LOVE Ru Darkness


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