Hortensia Saga, the Fantasy Arrives Winter 2021

hoetensia-saga-e1603255660954 Hortensia Saga, the Fantasy Arrives Winter 2021

hoetensia-saga-e1603255660954 Hortensia Saga, the Fantasy Arrives Winter 2021

Hortensia Saga

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic

Airing Date:
Winter 2021


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Hortensia is a kingdom with a long 700 year history, located on the Yepetath Peninsula.
Along with an abundance of fruitful land comes threats of invasion and battle, but they have managed to escape large scale war thanks to the strong principalities of Oliver and Camelia.
However, on December 5th of year 767, Camelia suddenly turned against Hortensia.
In the midst of Camelia’s revolt, an evil spirit suddenly appears and causes chaos in Hortensia...
The knights will face their fate in this war as they depart for battle to pull through this tragedy.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Alfred Orbell

Voice Actor: Yoshimasa Hosoya

Alfred is the main character in this story. He’s a noble from the Ober territory located on the border of Hortensia. His father, Fernand, died in the war that started three years ago and thus he became the head of the Ober household. He doesn’t speak very much and he doesn’t let his emotions show easily, but he’s a very kind person.

Mariyus Castered

Voice Actor: Yui Horie

Mariyus is Alfred’s follower as well as a knight in training. He’s been with Alfred for a very long time, but he has never spoken a word about where he’s from. He’s very stubborn, fearless, and hates to lose.

Moris Bordrell

Voice Actor: Kenjirou Tsuda

Maurice is a war veteran who used to be commanding officer of the third army corp of Hortensia. However, now he’s in Ober and he’s practically working as Alfred’s father. Maurice is a very lively and hot-blooded man, but on the warfield he’s calmer than anyone else.

Nonnoria Fory

Voice Actor: Reina Ueda

Nonnoria works at the Ober mansion. She’s very hardworking, energetic, and honest, but perhaps does have a tendency to cause trouble...

Qoo Morimol

Voice Actor: Aya Uchida

A strange creature who can speak with humans.

Defrot Danowa

Voice Actor: Yuichiro Umebara

Deflott is a young man from the Petal Village which is on the border to Hortensia. He loves women and immediately tries to seduce them if he sees someone he likes, it’s the polite thing to do - he says. He’s playful and very positive.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: ”LEADER" by MY FIRST STORY
Hortensia SAGA (game)

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Hortensia SAGA
  • Director: Yasuhito Nishikata
  • Assistant Director: Norikazu Ishigouoka
  • Series Composition: RIntaro Ikeda
  • Character Design: Takayuki Onoda
  • Animation Director: Shingo Kanai
  • Sound Director: Tomohiro Seki
  • Music: ZENTA

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