Fall Fantasy Anime Houseki no Kuni Reveals 3 PVs, All Seiyuu, Air Date & New Key Visual!

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Houseki no Kuni

Fantasy, Sci-fi

Airing Date:
October 7, 2017


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In the distant future, creatures that existed in the past have turned into immortal “Houseki” (gemstones). In this strong, fragile, and beautiful action fantasy, the Houseki must fight fiercely against mysterious enemies that have invaded from the moon, the “Tsukijin” (Moon People).

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Tomoyo Kurosawa

Hardness level: 3.5
At age 300, she’s the youngest of the Gemstones. She’s particularly fragile and not very tough, so she doesn’t fight and is clumsy in everything she does, meaning she doesn’t feel very useful. However, for the first time in her life, she is given a job as a natural history magazine editor.


Voice Actor: Mikako Komatsu

Hardness level: 2
Her body is different to others and gives off an inexhaustible amount of venom, so she keeps herself distant from the other Gemstones. She is in charge of night patrols, when the Moon People don’t appear. She is very wise and thoughtful.


Voice Actor: Ai Kayano

Hardness level: 10
She may boast the highest hardness level, but she’s a single crystal and shatters more easily, so is less tough than Bort. She loves romance stories.


Voice Actor: Ayane Sakura

Hardness level: 10
She boasts the highest level of hardness and toughness. She has no interest in anything besides fighting, and is known as a battle enthusiast.


Voice Actor: Mutsumi Tamura

Hardness level: 7
Mischievous with a crude way of speaking. In battle, she pairs up with Goshenite.


Voice Actor: Saori Hayami

Hardness level: 7.5
Her eyebrows make her always look troubled. She is kind to everyone. In battle, she pairs up with Morganite.

Other TitleLand of the Lustrous

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Haruko Ichikawa
  • Director: Takahiko Kyogoku
  • Editing: Daisuke Imai
  • Series Composition: Toshiya Oono
  • Character Design: Asako Nishida
  • Sound Director: Yukio Nagasaki
  • Music: Yoshiaki Fujisawa

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