"How Can Otaku Find Love?" - See What Niconico Users Said

niconico-500x283 "How Can Otaku Find Love?" - See What Niconico Users Said

What You Need to Know:

  • Roughly 280 Niconico News users were asked this question: "How can an otaku get a girlfriend?"
  • Many answers poured in, and a portion of them were chosen to act as guiding pieces of advice for any love-seeking otaku.
  • Below are the highlights.
It's hard to find a girlfriend while you keep thinking about finding one?!

  • You can't go making it your goal to find a girlfriend. Falling in love with someone happens naturally, over time, only after spending a lot of time together. First, you have to step outside of your lonely comfort zone.
  • I'm married, but when I felt like I needed to find a girlfriend, I found it really hard to do. In fact, now that I'm married, I find I'm maybe a bit more popular with the girls. While you're there frantically searching for someone, all the girls will be avoiding you.

How should I go about finding someone I like?

  • "Find someone you like." If you try to appeal to everyone in order to fulfill that goal, you'll just end up failing. First, think about which type of person you can fall in love with, and then think about how you can appeal to them.

Aim to be a charming man!

  • It might be a bit easier on you if you think of a lover less as someone you "get" and more someone you "earn". If you aren't having any luck, then that just means your charm towards the opposite sex is lacking, and you just need to polish yourself up more!
  • I'm an otaku, but I've got a girlfriend. I guess what's important would be timing and being honest about things? Before thinking that you want one, do some studying into how you can be charming, even as an otaku.
  • For starters, just stop beating yourself up about everything, and work on your confidence. If you change on the inside, a lot of other things will change with it.

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Okay, well, I have nothing to do with this, so it's back to 2D for me.
I'm sorry, I already have a wife named Illya...

niconico-500x283 "How Can Otaku Find Love?" - See What Niconico Users Said
These are some solid tips. Being less desperate and being more confident, huh...?
niconico-500x283 "How Can Otaku Find Love?" - See What Niconico Users Said
I think I agree with these tips! Most girls like a confident guy, after all!

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