Hyakki Castle - PC Review

HC-LOGO-Hyakki-Castle-capture-500x234 Hyakki Castle - PC Review

Divide and survive

Game Info:

  • System: PC
  • Publisher: Happinet
  • Developer: Asakusa Studios
  • Release Date: Nov 15, 2017

Who it Caters to

HC-LOGO-Hyakki-Castle-capture-500x234 Hyakki Castle - PC Review
HYAKKI CASTLE is a first-person dungeon crawler with some rather unique twists. Set in Japan during the 18th Century, HYAKKI CASTLE mixes horror-like themes with traditional first-person exploration. Rather than just rely on 4-man squads, players can actually split their party into two groups to overcome various challenges within HYAKKI CASTLE. Those who want a creepy but beautiful adventure RPG with wonderful art and a unique battle system will truly find HYAKKI CASTLE a breath of fresh air in the world of first-person RPGs.

What to Expect

HC-LOGO-Hyakki-Castle-capture-500x234 Hyakki Castle - PC Review
Unlike traditional dungeon crawlers, HYAKKI CASTLE uses a mixture of tried and true gameplay elements as well as incorporating some rather unique ideas. Players control not one but two teams which can be split into 2 on 2 groups or 1 on 3 groups to explore the mysterious Hyakki Castle island. Players will need to utilize this dual team mechanic to not only fight some of the harder enemies in HYAKKI CASTLE but solve various puzzles as well. Create your team with various skills and level them up to increase their chances of surviving lest fall victim to the youkai menace plaguing Japan. Divide and survive in HYAKKI CASTLE!


HC-LOGO-Hyakki-Castle-capture-500x234 Hyakki Castle - PC Review
During the Edo period of Japan, the Shogunate finds themselves the target of a powerful sorcerer known as Doman Kigata. Before Doman could curse the leader of the Shogunate, he is captured and sent to an island—known as Hyakki Castle—where he would be exiled for the remainder of his life. One day, 3 recently decapitated heads appear in the Edo Castle with a note saying they were a gift from the lord of Hyakki Castle. Word reaches the Shogunate that a strange castle has appeared on the island and quickly a 4-man squad is sent to investigate. However, this mission as they will learn may be a deadly one filled with terror and danger…


HC-LOGO-Hyakki-Castle-capture-500x234 Hyakki Castle - PC Review
When most think of first-person RPGs, they think fantasy settings with skeletons as enemies and dark dungeons with medieval ascetics. Though developer Asakusa Studios seemed to want to change the RPG game slightly. HYAKKI CASTLE sets players in a dark castle set in Edo Japan as they fight beings known as Youkai. With some interesting ideas thrown into HYAKKI CASTLE, does this first-person dungeon crawler revolutionize the genre or is it a letdown? Let us find out in our review of HYAKKI CASTLE for the PC.

If you’re new to first-person dungeon crawlers—or RPGs whichever you prefer—then you might need to understand what you’re getting into when playing HYAKKI CASTLE. Players create a team of 4 characters with different job classes and skills and explore a dungeon while in first person perspective. With a map in the corner, players will investigate the dungeon—or in this case a castle—all while solving puzzles and fighting off enemies. Though as we mentioned before, HYAKKI CASTLE does some things slightly different with this tried and true style of old school gameplay.

As soon as you create your characters—which there is a nice amount of choices and jobs to choose from initially—you’re thrown into HYAKKI CASTLE with the screen split down vertically. This is because in HYAKKI CASTLE, your team of 4 can be split into two groups which is a very different design from most titles like it. This system of two teams allows for players to explore various areas of the map as well as solve puzzles—such as stepping on two ground levers at the same time—and even fight enemies from different sides. There is some risk with splitting a team for too long as enemies can overwhelm a split group of only 1 or 2 members but if you’re smart you can usually find clever ways to take down enemies strategically, a rarity for dungeon RPGs.

Beyond that gameplay mechanic, players will enjoy the regular RPG gameplay themes such as leveling up your characters, finding new equipment via chests and learning new skills as you level up. Your characters at the start are going to be your main team so make sure to read everything about their strengths and weaknesses before just making them. A good team will make HYAKKI CASTLE easier while random jobs for your 4 controller heroes might make things a bit more annoying. It’s an often-used series of gameplay mechanics in RPGs and first-person exploration titles but it works and keeps things simple enough. Though there’s another reason why it works rather well in HYAKKI CASTLE.

HYAKKI CASTLE is actually not a fantasy based title—though the youkai enemies can be seen as fantasy themed—but is instead, a first-person RPG with horror themes. The various areas of the HYAKKI CASTLE are creepy, unsettling and swarming with disturbing creatures. Add to that the atmosphere only adds to the horror elements and you have a hybrid title that is one-part survival horror—though that’s more how we see it here at Honey’s Anime—and first-person RPG. It creates a truly unique setting and that’s something that truly impressed us about HYAKKI CASTLE.

Now, if we talk more about the exploration elements of HYAKKI CASTLE, we have some good things to say as well as some bad ones. The good comes in the form of the fun action RPG elements where all 4 characters on your team must be used in real time to attack enemies, buff your team with defensive spells and/or weaken enemies with debuffs. It keeps players on their feet, especially when you come across multiple enemies. The negative element though is that enemies rarely ever pose a threat and 9/10 times we found ourselves dying from traps in the various areas of HYAKKI CASTLE. It can be rather annoying to make it so far on a map and die because of a fire trap and or spikes on the floor and with save points—which are also used to resurrect teammates and heal both HP and MP—thinly spaced on each floor, HYAKKI CASTLE can be a test of your patience at times.

Graphically, HYAKKI CASTLE is an extreme mixed bag. While the art and youkai design is fantastic, the environments feel pretty bland and average. Even as you get higher up the castle, the environments tend to stay the same for hours on end which can lead to you getting lost and getting bored. Though the background music alleviates this a bit as it creates a feeling of tension to hear creatures lurking in the corners and small water drips when in the dungeon and wind effects as you get higher up. All in all, HYAKKI CASTLE works well enough for the price tag but we’ve definitely seen better for first-person dungeon games.

Lastly, let us talk about our other small gripes with HYAKKI CASTLE. While HYAKKI CASTLE offers controller function—so you can use various gamepads to play—we preferred using the Keyboard as the controller. Gameplay felt a bit less smooth and clunky at times. We tested this out with two controllers and got the same response each time. Our last minor issue is the issue that plagues all first-person dungeon titles like HYAKKI CASTLE, repetition. Even after the first hour, we here at Honey’s Anime began to grow tired of seeing the same looking area and fighting the same types of youkai. While different floors begin to offer new areas to look at and monsters to fight—which some get pretty cool looking—it doesn’t elevate the feeling of boredom to be had. That’s why, if you’re not a fan of first-person RPGs you might have issues with HYAKKI CASTLE, though if you love them then you probably will be exempt from this thought.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

HC-LOGO-Hyakki-Castle-capture-500x234 Hyakki Castle - PC Review
HYAKKI CASTLE isn’t a perfect first-person RPG but we will say it’s a pretty darn good one. The dual system takes a bit of getting use to as you’re forced to control two teams for maximum efficiency but once you do learn the ropes, HYAKKI CASTLE becomes a ton of fun. We didn’t practically like how the controller system was implemented but the keyboard and mouse setup works well enough by itself. HYAKKI CASTLE may rely on a lot of traditional dungeon RPG gameplay mechanics but it doesn’t stop the game from having its own identity and overall being a solid title for the PC. For the low price of $19.99, we can easily say if you need an old school RPG with some intriguing new age mechanics you can’t go wrong with buying HYAKKI CASTLE.

Honey's Pros:

  • Dual Teams is a great idea
  • Good old fashioned first-person RPG gameplay
  • Nice environments create a creepy horror atmosphere
  • Impressive art
  • Awesome monster designs

Honey's Cons:

  • Controller support is poorly implemented
  • Isn’t too different from most first-person dungeon RPGs
  • Gameplay systems aren’t always explained that well

Honey's Final Verdict:

HC-LOGO-Hyakki-Castle-capture-500x234 Hyakki Castle - PC Review
Our time with HYAKKI CASTLE was quite an enjoyable one. We loved the creepy tone and setting seen in HYAKKI CASTLE and equally adored the idea of having to split teams up into groups to solve puzzles and explore the castle itself. Plus, for the low price of only $19.99, you’re getting some great old school RPG gameplay that will be sure not to disappoint those who love the genre. What are your thoughts on HYAKKI CASTLE? Are you now interested in picking it up or are you going to avoid this castle at all costs? Comment down below to let us know and keep returning to our hive here at Honey’s Anime for more great gaming reviews and articles.

HC-LOGO-Hyakki-Castle-capture-500x234 Hyakki Castle - PC Review


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