Hyouryu Kyoudai

Hyouryu Kyoudai

History, Survival

Airing Date:
Winter 2020


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Somewhere in the city, the Junesu brothers spend most of the day fighting under the same house.
"I am sick of this fight, our family is over from today!" The next morning when they woke up, there was a sea of molten rocks outside the window.
"Kumama," a bear-shaped robot suddenly appears, announcing to the brothers an astounding truth-- that it was the end of the world and the government is planning to send all human beings back to the past. Selected as victims of the time travel, the brothers are sent on a time travel together with the whole house! From the Cretaceous period to ancient Eygpt, deep seas and Jomon period...What will happen to the fight between brothers over different time periods?!

Characters & Voice Actors

Masa Junesu: Masaki Uchida

The oldest son and the main supporter of the family. Taking the place of his deceased parents, he runs the renovation company. Although he acts angry with his brothers, he has a very intense brother-complex.
You Junesu: Yousuke Hoshino

The second son of the Junesu family. He helps the company while studying at university. An "Ultimate Baka" who pulls the Engel coefficient of the family.
Yu Junesu: Hayato Aizawa

The third son of the Junesu family. He also helps the company to some extent while studying at university. A master of the girls and there are always girls lining up willing to take care of him.
Ren Junesu: Ren Nakagawa

The youngest son of the Junesu familywho attends university via online means and helps out a little with the company. Usually communicates through angel and devil puppet that he controls.
Yuki: Yuki Minami

Support of time traveling victims dispatched by the government and Kumama. He infiltrated into the family as the second son by changing the memories of the Junesu brothers.

Other TitleDrifting Brothers
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: ”JUST" by Gakugei Daiseishun
Main Staff
  • Director: Toshitaka Shinoda
  • Series Composition: Kyoko Mitumoto
  • Character Design: Ryo Fujiwara
  • Sound Director: Yasunori Ebina

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bee-happy1 Hyouryu Kyoudai
bee-happy1 Hyouryu Kyoudai
bee-happy1 Hyouryu Kyoudai
bee-happy1 Hyouryu Kyoudai

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