ICYMI: Yen Press Licenses BL Fantasy Light Novel

You-Can-Have-My-Back_COVER ICYMI: Yen Press Licenses BL Fantasy Light Novel

What You Need to Know:

  • Yen Press, LLC announced an acquisition joining its Summer 2023 lineup: You Can Have My Back, a Boys Love fantasy light novel best known for its beautiful illustrations and heartbreaking drama. With Boys Love light novels having seen few releases in English, You Can Have My Back is a welcome and refreshing addition to the Yen On imprint.
  • You Can Have My Back

    Original Story by Minami Kotsuna

    Illustrated by Hitomi Hitoyo

    Leorino, fourth son of a margrave and blessed with the face of an angel, is the reincarnation of Ionia, a knight of the kingdom who died in the line of duty. At night, he dreams of his past life, his ill-fated love for Prince Gravis, and his death at the hands of an enemy agent. But when he confronts the traitor as Leorino, he ends up arrested instead! His life in danger, he shouts the name of an old friend and his only hope…

  • Yen Press is happy to add to its growing catalog of Boys Love titles, which includes the bestselling manga Sasaki and Miyano and its upcoming spin-off novel, Hirano and Kagiura. You Can Have My Back, Vol. 1 will be available in print and digital July 2023.

Source: Official Press Release