Idol Jihen - Winter 2017

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Idol Jihen

Idol, Music

Airing Date:
January 8, 2017


Honey’s Highlights

bee-love Idol Jihen - Winter 2017
Well well well what do we have here?! Idols that take over the government to make everyone happy? I can deal with singing politicans. Pretty sure they would be more effective than what we currently have.
bee-love Idol Jihen - Winter 2017
oooooo this looks like something that I can clearly get behind! Lynn is here as a seiyuu too! I really enjoy her voice.
bee-love Idol Jihen - Winter 2017
Cute and giving us energy? This feels a little different maybe from other idol anime like iDOLM@STER, Love Live!, and AKB0048.
bee-love Idol Jihen - Winter 2017
Well if you are into idol or music anime, this could be good. This might also potentially be good for those who enjoy a bit of politics in their lives! It just has a bit of a unique twist to it.

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Increasing income divide, creeping environmental pollution, unsolvable waste issues, childcare waiting lists being discussed without those concerned, repeated corruption… The government, smeared by vested interests, can’t do a thing against the many problems and sources of discontent. It’s in this situation, with Japan cornered with no way out, that idols rise up to save the day!

The Heroine Party, Sunlight Party, Starlight Party, Bishoujo Party, Wakaba Party, Subculture New Party, and SOS Party. From these seven idol political parties, the idols who have become National Diet members and representatives for each prefecture will smash through the sense of stagnation covering Japan using the power of song and dance! They’ll bring back the smiling faces of the people, and wrap Japan in a glittering aura!!

Characters & Voice Actors List

Natsuki Hoshina

Voice Actor: Sarara Yashima

Heroine Party, Niigata representative.
Age: 16
Birthday: 6 August
Star sign: Leo
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 42 kg

Shizuka Onimaru

Voice Actor: Mai Fuchigami

Heroine Party, Fukuoka representative.
Age: 16
Birthday: 10 January
Star sign: Capricorn
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 43 kg

Sachie Kondou

Voice Actor: Reina Ueda

Heroine Party, Toyama representative.
Age: 23
Birthday: 18 May
Star sign: Aries
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 51 kg

Mizuki Fudou

Voice Actor: Lynn

Sunlight Party, Tokyo representative.
Age: 19
Birthday: 24 December
Star sign: Capricorn
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 49 kg

Sakurako Iizuka

Voice Actor: Yurika Kubo

Starlight Party, Nara representative.
Age: 18
Birthday: 1 December
Star sign: Sagittarius
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 49 kg

Ume Momoi

Voice Actor: Sayaka Nakaya

Bishoujo Party, Kanagawa representative.
Age: 16
Birthday: 1 September
Star sign: Virgo
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 47 kg

Kuruha Amou

Voice Actor: Yuuri Yoshida

Wakaba Party, Tokushima representative.
Age: 13
Birthday: 2 March
Star sign: Pisces
Height: 142 cm
Weight: 36 kg

Mika Kozuru

Voice Actor: Chinatsu Akasaki

Subculture New Party, Kagoshima representative.
Age: 17
Birthday: 13 June
Star sign: Gemini
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 49 kg

Yami Ringo-sama

Voice Actor: Nozomi Yamamoto

SOS Party, Aomori representative.
Age: 15
Birthday: 5 November
Star sign: Scorpio
Height: 152 cm
Weight: 41 kg

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Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Utae! Ai no Youyaku by SMILE♥X
  • Ending Song: Respect by with

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: MAGES
  • Director: Daisuke Yoshida
  • Script: Sumino Kawashima, Soutarou Hayashi
  • Series Composition: Naoya Takayama
  • Character Design: Mai Ishii
  • Animation Director: Mai Ishii
  • Sound Director: Takahiro Enomo
  • Original Illustrator: CUTEG, Tiv, Mottsun*, Mikoto Akemi, Yousai Kuuchuu, Mitsumomo Mamu, Kihiro Matsuo
  • Music: Akiyuki Tateyama

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