Idol Memories - Anime Fall 2016

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idol-memories-dvd-300x212 Idol Memories - Anime Fall 2016

idol-memories-dvd-300x212 Idol Memories - Anime Fall 2016

Idol Memories

Music, Idol

Airing Date:
October 3 2016

Seven Arcs Pictures

Honey’s Highlights

idol-memories-dvd-300x212 Idol Memories - Anime Fall 2016
Idol girls! Idol girls! Could this be the next Love Live!! or Idolmaster?!
idol-memories-dvd-300x212 Idol Memories - Anime Fall 2016
Maybe! This is an original anime from Happy Elements, who also made the game behind the upcoming Ensemble Stars anime!
idol-memories-dvd-300x212 Idol Memories - Anime Fall 2016
This definitely has something a little different though - virtual reality! I wonder if they'll make it so you can watch it with VR headsets? That would be so cool!
idol-memories-dvd-300x212 Idol Memories - Anime Fall 2016
You never know! But the release date is October 2016, and the PV/trailer makes it look like a regular anime...

Promotional Videos / PV


In the near future, thanks to high-speed internet and the innovation of VR technology, it’s become normal to experience real journeys and concerts from your own home. Idols too have changed how they do things, and now mostly perform through the internet in virtual reality.

The need for idols has increased worldwide, resulting in the establishment of idol training schools across the globe. This academy located on Beginning Islands, a string of natural and man-made islands in the middle of the ocean and unattached to any one country, is just one of those schools.

This academy has been produced many globally-performing idols since long ago, but unlike its former glory days, the school is now in a slump, unable to break into the top rankings. It is here that potential idols from all over the globe gather and grow, working hard through joys and sorrows, aiming for the top of the idol ring!

Characters & Voice Actors List

Vivi Lin (StarRing)

Voice Actor: Moe Toyota

Honest and cheerful, she can always put the other members in a good mood. With her singing skills trained through karaoke, she’s aiming for the centre position in the group. She comes from Shanghai, and her dream is to return victorious with a live performance.

Sena Hattori (StarRing)

Voice Actor: Marika Hayase

The oldest of the StarRing members and self-proclaimed leader of the group. She looks like a knowledgeable older sister, but she’s actually an airhead. Her hobby is building things with Lego and she boasts that there’s nothing she can’t make.

Kokona Hayakawa (StarRing)

Voice Actor: Yuu Kimura

A girl overflowing with idol-like adorableness. She decided to become an idol because she admired her great-grandmother, a former stage actress. Behind her smile lies a strong ambition to be better than anyone else. Has studied abroad in China.

Miku Kajiwara (Shadow)

Voice Actor: Mayu Sagara

A serious and dependable girl, despite being the youngest member she’s the leader of Shadow. She likes to act adult, but she sometimes has a childish side. She’s also the one who makes witty retorts, despite her young age.

Yucho La (Shadow)

Voice Actor: Ruriko Aoki

A super-lazy girl who wants to become an idol, but doesn’t want to work for it. The other members also clean her dorm room for her. Is the best of friends with her pet dog, a husky. Comes from Dalian, China.

Nanami Hoshi (Shadow)

Voice Actor: Riko Kohara

A demure girl who’s easily embarrassed and shy in front of new people. An indoorsy type, her hobby is collecting figures and merchandise and she’s good at programming. She occasionally wears glasses even though she has good eyesight.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Mainichi ga Good Day! by StarRing
  • Ending Song: Sorakanata by Project Frontier

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Happy Elements Asia Pacific
  • Director: Katsuya Kikuchi
  • Script: Hiroshi Oonogi
  • Series Composition: Hiroshi Oonogi
  • Character Design: Rena Okuyama
  • Animation Director: Rena Okuyama
  • Sound Director: Chikako Yokota

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