Ignore Them if You Value Your Life - Mieruko-chan Vol. 1 [Manga]

Stay Calm and Move Along.
  • Mangaka : Izumi Tomoki
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : Comedy, Horror, Slice of Life, Supernatural
  • Published : November 2020 - Ongoing

Mieruko-chan is just a normal girl who wants a simple life… Until she could see everything. Hideous monsters appear no matter where she goes, and the problem is that no one else but her can see them. The only course of action she makes is to ignore them. Of course, it is hard to put it into practice when the ghosts know she is watching.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Hey. We are just going to take a seat over there and pretend not to see a bunch of monsters that have been staring at us from your kitchen and your coffee table. The main character in the story is Miko, who has a supernatural ability to see monsters or spirits other people can’t perceive. Although the story has a horror element, we can see the comedic side at the end of every chapter they have to offer, including moral values. The artwork is intense and unique. The main story is finding ways to remove her ability to see monsters.

Why You Should Read Mieruko-chan

1. Strange Encounters

This is one of the manga that depicts how people can see spirits and monsters try not to panic and ignore everything, which is relatable in reality. This may sound superstitious, but that is the best way to avoid them. If a spirit knows you have such ability, it will bother you for quite a long time.

The manga has some surprising and obvious scenes where it indicates when the next monster will appear. The exciting part of the manga is that each monster supports the main plot and the history they possess. If you see something vague in an environment, but can’t help but feel there is a presence there, you might want to stay calm and walk away if you value your life.

2. Artwork

This is where the juicy part of the manga. The character designs and the environment are super clean, but what we didn’t expect is how the monsters are drawn as if they are from a horror manga series, and we love it! The emotions dislocated limbs, and the image they portray is filled with chilling aura and evil intentions to haunt you. We can’t help but feel there are many considerations when it comes to the background design to show how the character feels in certain situations.

3. Moral Lessons

Being able to see spirits doesn’t always mean you will experience the negative part of life, but it can be useful. There are a few scenes where Miko was able to tell whether a person is good or bad. Even the chapters have a theme of their own which can promote awareness to readers about reality.

4. Comedy

Okay. In real life, please don’t laugh at someone when they say they can see such things. Those are one of the things that we humans shouldn’t take it so lightly. Miko intends to find ways to remove her unique ability, and that foundation leads to comedy during the process. When she gets spotted by a spirit, she has to think quick to prove that she couldn’t see them, which can be creative sometimes and teaches us that environmental awareness is essential.

Final Thoughts

Mieruko-chan is an exciting manga that combines horror and comedy elements. It can manifest mixed feelings to the readers in the right way. You get scared by the monsters, cheers Miko on to find the courage to ignore them, and laughs at how absurd the situations are. Most importantly, the art style and the life lesson values we can get out of this manga. If you are interested in monsters that have lore and experiencing what it feels like to be an outlier in a society where you can see things, others can’t, give this manga a go. If you do read it, leave down a comment below of which monster encounter is your biggest fear?

Mieruko-Chan-manga Ignore Them if You Value Your Life - Mieruko-chan Vol. 1 [Manga]


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