IKKiCON 2015 Recap: Anime and Japanese Pop Culture Convention

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Alright if you weren’t aware Ikkicon is an anime and Japanese pop culture convention held in Austin Texas, this past one was on January 2nd through the 4th at the Hilton Austin. I can say, it was a blast for all those who went.
Here’s just a recap of everything that went on with pictures and videos galore, from the attendees to the products presented there’s a lot to cover!

Video Overview

Cosplay Contest







The cosplay contest was incredible with many creative costumes and so many smiles!

Vendor Items


There were MANY vendors with a lot of awesome merchandise; you just had to be there to catch it all!

Disney Princess Sing Along

Day One

Day Two

With all the excitement Ikkicon brought to the stage (on and off the actual stages), it’s no wonder everyone who went had a blast of a time.
Next year should be the exact same way so if you’re looking for a good Con to attend, Ikkicon is high up on a lot of lists!

by Nathaniel Loomis