I’m Just Finding Ways to Kill Time – Muchuu sa, Kimi ni (Captivated By You) [Manga]

The Most Random Thing He Could Have Done
  • Mangaka : Wayama, Yama
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Genre : School, Slice of Life
  • Published : July 2021

Miyoshi Hayashi’s straightforward personality has drawn a lot of attention from classmates and strangers during his middle school days. From others’ opinions, he usually does useless things and they see them as a waste of time. However, that was what he wanted so that he could entertain himself and enjoy his excentric freedom. On the other side, Akira Nikaidou was rumoured to be a cursed student. If one touches or engages him in a conversation, a supernatural phenomenon would occur.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Captivated By You isn’t the romance manga that one would think it was. We just got baited by the title, but that is okay. Why? The story centred on Miyoshi Hayashi and Akira Nikaidou students with polar opposite of personalities and shows us how they live during middle school.

Why You Should Read Muchuu sa, Kimi ni (Captivated By You)

1. A Carefree Life

If there is one thing that we learned from this volume, doing something that seems useless to others doesn’t mean they are a waste of time. Just like drawing a piece of art for an art competition, in the eyes of an artist, if they are good, then they are good. The the other good opinions are just luck.

2. Traumatic Past

We know having a traumatic past is a bad thing, but read us out. Nikaidou used to be a popular student in the past. That was until Valentine day where he received a bunch of chocolates and a blooded pad. That event changed his demeanour for the worst leading him to life of isolation.

Being alone doesn’t help one develop into something more significant, and that is where Medaka Yuuichi approaches him even after knowing about his past. Everyone’s personality was shaped because of the environment and past they lived in. There always will be a reason why they act that way, and at least a person would be able to see through those experiences and try to help you.

3. Bold Artwork

The art style of the characters and the environment felt as if they were drawn with deliberate brush strokes to produce fine details of their hair and the emotions removed from the intensity of their feelings and moments. They are classic, sure, but we found it to believe that they looked digital as well. Is it a mix of both worlds?

Why You Should Skip Muchuu sa, Kimi ni (Captivated By You)

1. Short Stories

You need to expect that this volume was filled with short stories, but the moral lessons and the story behind those were arranged shortly and concisely for us to grasp quickly. It isn’t the kind of manga where one can take long hours for one volume. So if you are looking for a series that focuses on one protagonist, this might not be the one for you in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Captivated By You is a small collection of short stories that bring out the joy and freedom one could afford to do during their spare time to understand what the world has to offer, legally, to entertain yourself and help others in need. Even if you are seen as an outsider from others, there will always be someone who understands your past and is there for you as a genuine friend. However, this volume may not be suitable for readers who don’t like short stories and a standalone series. If you have read this volume, which chapter is your favourite? Please leave them in the comments below!

Muchuu-sa-Kimi-ni-manga-350x500 I’m Just Finding Ways to Kill Time – Muchuu sa, Kimi ni (Captivated By You) [Manga]


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