Infinite Dendrogram

Infinite-Dendrogram-COXC-1241 Infinite Dendrogram

Infinite-Dendrogram-COXC-1241 Infinite Dendrogram

Infinite Dendrogram


Airing Date:
Winter 2020


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On July 15, 2043, the first full-dive VRMMO was unveiled to the world. With its own unique "Embryo" system and various other sophisticated attributes, it created a world completely rich of infinite possibilities for players to experience.

Mukudori Reiji, a young man who started living alone in Tokyo after completing college entrance examinations, started "Infinite Dendrogram",which he had long been invited to by his older brother to commemorate the end of his long studies.

Characters & Voice Actors

Ray Starling: Souma Saitou

A young man who completed college entrance examinations and started his long-cherished "Infinite Dendrogram". He usually has a warm personality, but is full of justice, and has a strong will to stand up against any ordeal, regardless of the many dangers that lie ahead. The incarnated embryo is Nemesis, as a girl.
Nemesis: Yuko Ono

Embryo given to Ray (TYPE: Maiden with Arms). She appears to look like a girl in a gothic dress, but she can change into a weapon form at her will. She speaks with a magnificent tone despite her appearance, but is a little girl who is afraid of ghosts. She's a bit gluttonous.
Shu Starling: Satoshi Hino

Ray's brother. He loves bear costumes, but in fact, He created his avatar to look too much like his real appearance, so now wearing a costume is imperative to prevent his identity from being revealed. Although he has a comical aspect, including his appearance, he is a reliable person for Ray and others.
Rook Holmes: Makoto Koichi

An exquisite boy, a clear-headed master who is especially good at observing and analyzing. Although he seems to be honest and serious, his job is [Pimp]. He is a beginner just like Ray so they often act together. There isn't much of a difference between his real appearance and in-game avatar.
Babylon: Yuki Takada

Luke's Embryo, her category is Gardner. She is an innocent and charming succubus, but she is limited because Luke is a minor, and her ways of temptation are only heartwarming ones such as shoulder tapping and knee pillows. She likes to eat blasphemously, such as making sweets spicy.
Cyco: Yui Ogura

A wicked tongue and a low-key girl who works with Hugo. She has excellent searchability, and is quick to take action in case of an emergency. She only eats white things because her whole body is pure white.
Marie Adler: Yoko Hikasa

Her job is a [Journalist] and she belongs to Dendrogram Information Network. She is a woman wearing a black suit and sunglasses. She provides various information to Ray in a tone that tells it like it is. She appears unexpectedly and has many mysteries.
Liliana Grandria: Aoi Yuki

The first woman who Ray met after finishing the tutorial and entering into the world of "Infinite Dendrogram". She has a younger sister far apart in age, Milianne.
Milianne Grandria: Natsumi Haruse

Liliana's sister. A very sister-oriented girl.
Cheshire: Shiori Izawa

Management AI number 13 of "Infinite Dendrogram". She is in charge of tutorials for most players including Ray. Likes polite people.
Figaro: Kenichi Suzumura

The "Superior" of the Kingdom of Alter, and the master who reigns the first in the duel rankings. He is counted as the "Three Giants of the Alter Kingdom", but is a friendly and sociable person. His job is [Over Gladiator] that is the pinnacle of the warrior system. Shu's friend.
Xunyu: Nao Toyama

Master belonging to the Yellow River Empire. One of the "Superior", which is the second in the duel ranking and counted as one of the "Yellow River Four Spirits". His job is [Master Jiangshi] that is a super-class profession of Taoist. Looks lively but acts clever. Features a unique intonation.
Mr. Franklin: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

One of the "Superior" of the Life Empire, and the owner of the top clan of the Empire "Triangle of Wisdom". His job is [Gigaprofessor] and he specializes in monster research. An obsessed and malicious mad scientist.

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Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Sakon Kaidou
  • Director: Tomoki Kobayashi
  • Script: Yuichiro Momose
  • Sound Director: Kisuke Koizumi

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Infinite-Dendrogram-COXC-1241 Infinite Dendrogram
Infinite-Dendrogram-COXC-1241 Infinite Dendrogram
Infinite-Dendrogram-COXC-1241 Infinite Dendrogram
Infinite-Dendrogram-COXC-1241 Infinite Dendrogram

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